How the TLX supports new faculty

New faculty often seek assistance during the semester on a “just-in-time” basis when questions arise. But it’s a good idea to maintain frequent contact with the TLX by visiting our website and professional development calendar for updates. 

Who We Are

The Teaching & Learning Exchange provides expertise in teaching methods and learning strategies that enhance our students’ classroom experiences. We work with academic centres, departments and individual faculty. The TLX offers a variety of professional development activities and resources to facilitate accomplishment of our academic plan.   

While the TLX works with faculty to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom, all staff are welcome and encouraged to attend our workshops and events. 

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Getting Started Questions

I have the GBC ID/M account, how can I login to Brightspace?

If you can't log into Brightspace, please check with this page to reset password.

I can login to Brightspace but I don't know what to do next?

If you have a blank course shell, you can download the LMS Template for your course.
Learn more about LMS Course Template

If you need more help on Brightspace, please visit the following page:
GETTING STARTED - Brightspace Resouces

I have a student need accommodations, what should I do?

The student accommodation plan is prepared in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the George Brown College Accessible Learning Services policy. It outlines the accommodations required by the student listed on the accommodation plan. This information is private and confidential and should not be printed or saved to file. Accommodations are determined based on the impact of the student’s disability(ies) and the barriers the student encounters in the academic setting.

Accommodations must not compromise the measured outcomes of the assessment or assignment.
The Accessibility Consultant working with your program is available to consult with you regarding how we can ensure the accommodations are available for the student. For more information, please see the Accessible Learning Services website at Accessible Learning Services.

Where can I get help for multimedia development?

For eLearning Learning Objects support, please contact or go to Meet the Team to book an appointment.