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Toronto-based company Zpirit aims to make healthy beverages hip again with their infused water

Inspired by a European tradition to preserve fruit throughout the winter through multi-stage filtered water, the company created a unique beverage low in sugar and calories: Zpirit Infuzed Water. Clean, multi-staged filtered water turns into infused water by going through an exclusive steeping method using real herbs and fruits. The natural flavours from the herbs and fruits slowly diffuse into the water, giving Zpirit Infuzed Water a very refreshing, lifting taste produced in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada.

In 2013, they came to George Brown College for help in optimizing its processes and streamlining the production of this infused water. Collaborating with George Brown College’s Food Innovation and Research Studio (FIRSt), Zpirit embarked on a feasibility study to determine the most viable processing method of formulating their beverages while maintaining the optimal quality, taste and safety during the development and distribution cycle. With the help of the research team, Zpirit can continue to and offer products that promote a healthy lifestyle to consumers worldwide.