What is FIRSt?

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We enable food and beverage companies to grow and reach more customers.

The team of food scientists, project managers, researchers and chefs at FIRSt can help you shape your product concept, support you with market research services, and build your product. If you’re in-market already, we can optimize products you’re struggling with, create line extensions, and help you scale up to the next level. We also offer a full suite of services pertaining to nutritional analysis, regulatory compliance, and collecting consumer feedback to give you the data you need to succeed. Our team takes a fact-based approach to provide practical, cost-effective and innovative solutions for our clients

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Market and Concept Assessment
  • Feasibility Analysis with FIRSt (Interactive Workshops)
  • Secondary Market Research
  • In-Market Research and Gap Analysis
  • Consumer Research Via Online Surveys
  • Manufacturing Plant Audit
  • Trial Runs and Pilot Testing
Recipe and Product Development
  • Consultation with Professional Chefs
  • Recipe Development for cookbooks, recipe videos, special dietary needs
  • Application Recipes
Product Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Formulation Development
  • Large Scale-Up
  • Product Optimization
  • Process Optimization
  • Line Extensions
Regulatory and Compliance
  • Nutrition Facts Tables
  • Packaging Label Review
  • Ingredient Declarations
  • Product Claim Compliance
  • Product Monitoring – Organoleptic Shelf Life Testing
  • Accelerated Ambient Product Shelf Life Testing
Consumer Sensory Research
  • Qualitative Research: Consumer Focus Groups
  • Quantitative Research: Consumer Sensory Panels (including Attribution Testing—Just About Right (JARs) Analysis; Purchase Intent; Triangle Tests )

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