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Supporting positive change by kicking up your daily protein intake with Dual Circle Limited

Entrepreneur Matt Moore approached FIRSt to create a line of vegan, organic effervescent sachets that add a kick to your water.

Project Essentials

  • Principal Investigator: Robert McDougal
  • Co-Investigator: Kassandra Wagner
  • Years Active: 2019-2020
  • Research Area: Food & Beverage

The Challenge

Consumers are looking for products that are functional and can help them hit macro nutrient targets. Entrepreneur Matt Moore of Dual Circle Limited saw an opportunity and approached FIRSt to create a line of water-soluble protein effervescent sachets with unique flavours, vegan, low in sugar that is Canadian sourced.

The GBC Solution

FIRSt looked at the existing trends and concepts within the effervescent market. After narrowing down the ideal ingredients, FIRSt would create the desired effervescence and worked on an unflavored benchtop formulation to hit the protein target. The team then took this base formulation as a starting point for a number of flavour options to fill the product line. As a result, 5 flavours were selected and developed to complement the base effervescent protein powder. In addition to flavour development, FIRSt ensured colours were reflective of the flavour profile.

The Result

When the project wrapped, FIRSt had developed a standard formulation for the plant-based effervescent sachet, containing 20 grams of protein and are vegan, low-sugar and organic. The sachets can be easily dissolved in water and come in five organic flavours: Blueberry Acai, Cherry, Ginger-Lime, Meyer Lemon, and Orange. As a start-up company, having a formula that can be taken to a co-packer for production is a huge advantage, and Dual Circle Limited plans to sell the line of effervescent sachets with added nutrition for retail.