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siip bone broth product

MAKING every sip count with siip

Siip is a Toronto-based company that makes convenient to-go format broths and soups that can be enjoyed at work or at home, prepared in just minutes. 

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Project Essentials

  • Principal Investigators: Bruna Nastaro 
  • Years Active: 2020-21
  • Research Area: Food & Beverage

The Challenge

Siip was founded by a husband/wife team who ran a soup restaurant in the busy downtown Toronto core. Their health-conscious customers were looking for some-thing other than their usual afternoon coffee or tea and many were asking for a sip-ping bone broth to go. They needed to satisfy their customers need for convenience and understood the importance of taste. Weighing current entries on the market against Siip’s commitment to use quality ingredients, the company came to FIRSt  to develop the right flavour profiles for a line of three new powdered broth products. The powders would be sold in 12-gram stick sachets designed to be stirred into hot water, and would be non-GMO, dairy- and gluten-free, with less than 480mg sodium per serving.

The GBC Solution

FIRSt had previously worked with Siip to develop a similar concept but for Keurig machines, and the researchers started their work with the final formulations from the previous project. FIRSt also looked at Siip’s competitor products, samples and recipes for target flavour profile, texture, and necessary inclusions. The FIRSt research team helped to source ingredients for prototyping (keeping in mind any guidelines or information from SIIP). The team then began development of the three powdered broths through iterative prototyping, testing for taste and quality. 

The Result

In addition to the development of three powdered broths, FIRSt delivered three scalable formulas for their powdered soup concepts, including Tomato Basil, Thai Butternut Squash, Cup of Soup, along with Nutrition Facts Table (NFT) for each product. The development of three finalized and scalable formulations will allow the company to manufacture the products on a large scale and sell online direct to consumer. With this portable, convenient option for busy people, it’s easier than ever for Siip’s customers to enjoy wholesome, nutritious bone broths and soups no matter where they are. The first of these products, the Roasted Chicken bone broth, is currently on the market, with plans to expand in the near future.