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Three bottles of Gord's Ginger Beer

Crafting a ginger beer with flair with Gord’s Ginger Beer Co. 

Gord’s Ginger Beer is a new craft, non-alcoholic ginger beer that is perfect as a mixer but also can be enjoyed on its own in its vintage Stubby bottle.

Learn about the project below.

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Project Essentials

  • Principal Investigators: Candace Rambert
  • Years Active: 2022
  • Research Area: Food & Beverage

The Challenge

Designed around an enigmatic mascot, Gord’s Ginger Beer Co. had a product concept for a ginger beer product, and originally reached out to a co-manufacturer, National Dry. Although National Dry doesn’t do product development, they were able to connect Gord’s Ginger Beer Co (GGBC) to FIRSt for further development and refinement.

The GBC Solution

Principal investigator Candace Rambert sourced ingredients and created initial recipes with different flavor profiles and other attributes (carbonation levels, spiciness, etc.). Using an iterative prototyping process and collecting feedback from the client at different intervals, FIRSt was able to create a finalized formulation for a ginger beer product that the clients were happy with.

The Result

Armed with a final formulation, ingredient declaration and Nutrition Facts Table (NFT) for packaging, the client was able to connect with a co-manufacturer in Quebec to run production. Delicious on its own and as a key ingredient in inventive cocktails, Gord’s Ginger Beer is now available in markets and small retailers across Ontario. This collaboration has enabled a start-up to launch their first product and enter the beverage market.