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Cricket Flour in an Energy Bar

JUMP Bars - A plentiful source of natural protein

When you hear crickets outside your bedroom window, does the white noise help you get a good night’s sleep? Does it keep you up instead? One thing you probably don’t think about is how crickets can be a huge source of natural protein and taste great!

Learn more about the project below.

The Challenge

Angela Kelly, the founder of Entotritious Inc., approached the Food Innovation and Research Studio (FIRSt) at George Brown College to refine her three ‘energy bar’ products packed with protein and vitamin B12 and leave a good taste in your mouth. With the help of FIRSt and focus groups, Angela has created a product line that will pick your energy level up and provide a plentiful and sustainable source of protein – now known as JUMP Bars!

But crickets? Really? Well, think about this. For every pound of protein provided by a cow, farmers require 2153 square feet of land, the average footprint of a home in the United States. The same pound of protein from crickets only requires the space of that home’s chimney while also requiring 12 times less food. The whole cricket is also edible, compared to 40% of that cow.

The GBC Solution

Angela commends FIRSt as a very important piece in her product’s development as “the team [was] truly invested in [the] product and had the ability to make this a reality. They truly want you to succeed and put forth all their efforts to help you achieve this.” Angela also credits the team with providing her invaluable feedback and expertise. “Some benefits I recognized working with the students and [researchers] was their level of experience in the field that far outweighed mine. They provided […] so much guidance, recommendations and resources to help me get the product to where it is today.”

The Result

After Angela’s work with Susan Plummer and Robert McCurdy, Food Scientists at FIRSt, along with student researcher Alyssa da Silva, she has a “bar that tastes great – not just for a cricket protein bar – but for any protein bar out there.” Angela plans to bring her chilli chocolate, apple pie and lemon coconut bars to market next.