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Perfecting the customer experience with Muul

Muul is a unique hybrid beverage fusing robust coffee with ethereal tea leaves, born and raised in Toronto. Their signature product comes in three flavours, including Earl Vanilla, Maple Chai, and Peppermint Chocolate.

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Project Essentials

  • Principal Investigator: Candace Rambert
  • Co-Investigators: Robert McCurdy
  • Student Researcher: Natalia Nino
  • Years Active: 2019
  • Research Area: Food & Beverage

The Challenge

Muul, a Toronto-based company, makes a unique hybrid beverage fusing coffee and tea leaves, produced in small batches for home use. With Muul's push for innovation in the tea and coffee industry, the company wanted to move away from artificially flavoured and ensure consistency across product batches. So they came to FIRSt to cultivate a benchtop formulation and ingredient sourcing. 

The GBC Solution

FIRSt began by reviewing the competitive landscape, looking at Muul's competitors and highlighting opportunities on what made Muul so special. Then the food scientists conducted benchtop testing to recreate a proprietary blend of each SKU, moving away from the artificial ingredients and also allowing the manufacturer to adopt a new process that produces a flavourful, all-natural and consistent product.

The Result

Improving the ingredients in the current product line as well as the process, FIRSt helped Muul adopt specialized manufacturing equipment that ensures a uniform product grind and a better brewing experience. With more control over the raw ingredients and a better knowledge base, the company doesn't have to rely on supplier expertise. Instead, Muul is empowered to make the best choices for the product AND the company, all of which produce a more consistent, transparent customer experience.