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A box of Neale's Sweet and Nice Rum Cake

Perfecting a sweet treat with Neale’s Sweet and Nice Inc. 

Neale’s Sweet N’ Nice Ice Cream with its unique taste and rich heritage was founded by Charles A. Neale in the 1940s in Trinidad. 

Learn about the project below.

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Project Essentials

  • Principal Investigators: Candace Rambert
  • Years Active: 2021
  • Research Area: Food & Beverage

The Challenge

Founded by Charles A. Neale in the 1940s in Trinidad, Neale’s Sweet N’ Nice uses 100% Canadian Dairy and real fruit to bring the fun flavours of the Caribbean to life. When baker Latisha Brown joined their team, they approached FIRSt for assistance in translating her home recipes for a delicious rum cake into a larger, industrial-scale formula. 

The GBC Solution

The project kicked off at the end of July 2021. After replicating the client’s recipes in the lab, the project team sourced pureed fruit and other ingredients to simplify the process and the recipes. New formulations for the cakes and cupcakes were developed so the cakes could be produced at commercial scale. 

The Result

Neale’s Sweet and Nice Inc. is now ready for large scale production. This is a new line under the Sweet N Nice brand, helping them expand into additional retail channels and strengthening relationships with their existing partners.