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If you plan to conduct research that involves human participants you must have Research Ethics Board (REB) approval for your study. All research at George Brown College that involves human subjects must undergo a review and approval process by the REB to ensure that the research complies with the ethical standards.

Learn more about the Research Ethics Process:

Research Ethics Board

Find out more about ethics, the board, our meetings, and types of review.

Application Process

Discover what you need to do to ensure your proposed research project complies with ethical standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help ensure my application is reviewed quickly?

Messy, unclear or incomplete applications take longer for the REB to review. Make sure your methodology is clear and detailed, use plain English and avoid jargon, and check your application for spelling and typing errors. Poorly completed applications and the applications that do not follow GBC REB document naming protocol will not be processed.

Another major cause of delay is insufficient and/or inappropriate language around informed consent. Clearly demonstrate how you will ensure informed and voluntary consent for participants. Also, include a clause of anonymity in your consent letter, if appropriate.

How should I communicate with the REB?

Initiate contact with the REB via email to Check your inbox spam settings to make sure emails from the REB are not blocked.

How can I learn more about research ethics?

Contact the research office at to find out about up-coming ethics workshops and training opportunities. Take the online tutorial.

Do I need an ethics review?

If you are not sure you need REB approval for your study, please complete the Uncertainty of Need Application and submit it to

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