Cooperathon 2024 - Alpha Program

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By Tom Davies

Aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage entrepreneurs, join us during the Desjardins’ COOPERATHON Alpha program, offering training, mentoring and a the possibility to be selected for the pitch competition. Individuals, teams and startups in ideation stage (pre MVP stage) are accepted. The program runs from May – June 2024.

Three weeks of entrepreneurship workshops and experts office hours will be offered in May 2024. (virtually, noon – 1.30pm, 3days/week)

Best 15 teams will be invited for the Alpha+ journey, for an additional 2 weeks of expert workshops, mentoring and the possibility to participate in the pitch competition late June. Money prizes will be offered ($5,000 – $7,500), and the possibility to be accepted in Desjardins incubator, La Foundry.

This program is an excellent opportunity to access workshops focused on impact and AI, have access to a large variety of experts, and be able to showcase your talent and ideas to corporate executives and ecosystem partners.

For more details and registration, visit

Use code 100CoopOAW to register for free!