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Entrepreneurship Club at George brown college

Are you interested in becoming a budding entrepreneur?  Looking to connect with like-minded students and provide peer-to-peer support to each other as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey?

Then join the Entrepreneurship Club, and bring your creativity to life as you innovate the way students see, learn and develop entrepreneurial competencies.  We are seeking students from every GBC campus and academic centre.  

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Meet the officers of Entrepreneurship Club

Bio picture of Aman Kumar, President, GBC Entrepreneurship Club


Aman Kumar

Aman is a Marketing Management – Financial Services Program student at George Brown College.   As an entrepreneur turned student, he has cultivated a passion for driving positive change through innovative solutions. Over the years, Aman has had the honour of engaging with innovative minds across borders, where he collaboratively envisioned the “BallotNow- Next Generation Voting System”. 

Aman believes passionately about engaging in voluntary service for social causes, and impactful initiatives like coaching marginalized children, the 'go green' project, promoting blood donations and mentoring the JIMS entrepreneurship group at Indraprastha University, India..

“When everyone is discussing the problem, be the one who can provide the solution.” - Aman Kumar

Bio picture of Abhiram Gopan

Vice President

Abhiram Gopan

Abhiram is currently pursuing a Project Management program at George Brown. Having rich experience in entrepreneurship, he has been a driving force in establishing and leading entrepreneurship clubs at Amity University and SRM University in India. As a founding member of Amity's entrepreneurship club, he orchestrated various successful programs and intercollege competitions, fostering a culture of innovation.

“Being an Entrepreneur is a mindset. You always have to see things as opportunities.” Abhiram Gopan

Bio picture of Amir Ashkan


Eilia Ashkan

Eilia is currently studying Business Program (B125) at George Brown College, with a desire to pursue a bachelor's degree in business at George Brown.  Eilia thrives in entrepreneurship, running a successful handbag business on Amazon.   When not involved in his business and academic studies, Eilia is a passionate chess player, running a GBC chess club as well as keen to give back to his community through philanthropy, resources and dedication of time, to support the growth of others.