Alum Business 'Island Gurl Foods' Expands to the US

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By Tom Davies

Striking a Deal

Chef Raquel Fox, culinary expert and George Brown College alumni, founded Island Gurl Foods because she realized working families have little time to spend in the kitchen, henceforth the inception of a delicious and healthy line of finishing sauces.  In 30 minutes or less, you'll be "Dining in Paradise"!

startGBC mentor, JC Jeffrey, a purchaser at Central Markets, recently discovered Raquel while visiting George Brown College. JC saw great potential in Raquel's business and the alignment with working with her to bring the product into the "foodie" retailing giants' aisles.  The two struck a deal and Island Gurl products will be featured during Central Market's annual Tropical Aisles promotion.

Raquel is heading to Dallas, Texas for Island Gurl's official launch into the U.S. market at Central Markets, engaging with customers onsite to showcase the depth and versatility of the products.  

"I’m enjoying the journey with another milestone, and to think that it all started by enrolling at the best culinary school George Brown College."
-Chef Raquel Fox

About the Founder, Chef Raquel Fox

Chef Raquel Fox graduated from George Brown College in 2016 with a culinary arts degree. Passionate about food Raquel founded Island Gurl Foods in 2018 and is deeply rooted in Caribbean food culture. Raquel shares her grandmother's slow-cooked sauces with bold, rich, and authentic flavours made with quality ingredients.

She is also a recipe developer, TV spokesperson and social media collaborator, partnering with many of Canada's leading brands. 

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