Test Accommodations Online Booking Information for Professors

The Assessment Centre now offers online test submission through the same website that Accessible Learning Services has made student accommodation plans available. This website allows a Professor to:

  • View which students have booked to write upcoming tests in the Assessment Centre.
  • Add upcoming tests for students to book appointments for.
  • Fill in only one instructor form for all students writing the same test.
  • Upload test files in a secure environment.

Please note that all online submissions must be done at least 24 hours before the test date. Any submissions made with less than 24 hours will not be accepted by the system.

To Access the Online Module

To submit a test online or view students who have made an appointment to write in the Assessment Centre, visit https://cw.georgebrown.ca/Clockwork/user/instructor/default.aspx and use your employee ID number and STU-VIEW password to log onto the website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact about getting assistance with the using the Test Submission/Confirmation features of the ClockWork Online Module?

You can contact Alexandra Austin, our Assessment Centre Officer at alexandra.austin@georgebrown.ca.

I am not the professor for a course but I get email notifications about students booking. Why is this?

Clockwork pulls all course information from what is input by your department in Banner. If you are receiving notifications for a course that you are not the primary professor for, contact your department so that they can make the change to Banner and input the correct professor.

It is less than 24 hours before the test and I am trying to confirm/submit a test online but am not able to. Why not?

In order for the Assessment Centre to have adequate preparation time, we have placed a cut off time of 24 hours for professors to submit their tests online. This is to ensure that we will have all tests prepared for the next day. The Assessment Centre asks that professors submit their tests at least 2 business days before the appointment date, so this should not be an issue for professors.

None of my students have made an appointment yet, but I would like to submit a test online just in case.

If you do not see a test available in one of your courses, you can add the test for students to book under if they choose to write in the Assessment Centre. Please make sure that there is not already a test date created (check under tests and exams first) as creating a new test when there is already an old test will create duplicate test IDs in the system. For more information, please see the "How to add a Test Date in the ClockWork Online Module" tutorial. 

I hold tests in the Online Blackboard Testing Lab and keep getting different requests for different dates for the same course. Why is this?

Because Blackboard/Online tests are generally open for a few days at a time for students to come in and write, we have asked our accommodated students to input their desired appointment time as the in class test time. The Assessment Centre has access to the passwords for Online Tests but asks that professors make sure that the time duration is adjusted for each student that requires extra time in their accommodations. If you are unsure of how to do this, please visit our Professor Information Page.

Am I still able to email the Assessment Centre a copy of the test along with the test details?


Can the Assessment Centre upload completed tests to the module?

No, all tests must be picked up in person.

I just checked who is writing my test and one of my students has booked for the wrong date/time. How do I correct this?

If you notice that your student has made an appointment for an incorrect date or time, please contact the student. Only the student is able to reschedule their test booking.

Can I change the test information after I have confirmed it?

Yes. If your class test has been rescheduled or you need to change test details, you will be able to go into the test to modify the submission up until 24 hours before the test date.

The test duration for my test is incorrect.

When students are booking with the Assessment Centre in person and are unsure of the duration, our default duration to put in would be an hour if it is not known. As well, sometimes students booking online will be unsure of the duration and put in incorrect information. If you are submitting online, you will be correcting this duration on the test details page while inputting the in-class test start and end time. When you confirm the test, the in class duration that you have inputted will be the one that is used by the Assessment Centre.

I would prefer to submit my test in person but I want to go in the online module to check which students have booked for my test. Is this okay?

Yes – if you would prefer another submission method (email or in person), please do not fill in any information in the online module. We would ask that you give us all test information with your chosen submission method so that the test and the test details are kept together.

To learn about other submission methods.

Am I able to submit multiple files online?

Yes, you have two options to submit multiple files.

  1. Upload the first file, clock 'submit changes' and then click 'back to test listing'. Upload the next file and repeat the same process until all of your files are added.
  2. Compress them into a .zip folder and upload them all at once.