General English Assessment

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What is the General English (GEA) Assessment? 

If you are not a full-time student at George Brown but you are interested in taking English courses through Continuing Education, you will be required to take the GEA to ensure that you register in the course appropriate to your skill level. 

You will need to take a GEA if you want to register for any of the following courses, and you have not completed the required prerequisite courses: 

  • College-level English: COMM 2017 (online)
  • Introduction to College Communication COMM 1161 (on campus) / COMM 1162 (online)
When and where do I take my assessment? 

Plan to take the assessment before registering for a course, as there may be a fee for withdrawing from a course. For course start dates, visit the Continuing Education website. 

The assessment will take place at the St. James Campus (200 King St. E) in room 275A.

What assessments will I be taking? 

GEA (General English Assessment) 

The GEA consists of an Essay and the ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension Test

How do I book my assessment? 

Booking Online: Students can book an appointment via their STU VIEW account. 

Booking by Phone: Call the Contact Centre at 416-415-2000. Have your 9-digit student ID number ready. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not registered with George Brown College Accessible Learning Services and you think you might require test accommodations, please see our Testing Accommodations page. 

Is there a charge for the assessment? 

General Assessment Fees * 

General Assessment types and fees
Assessment Fee
General English Assessment$65.00

Types of payment accepted

  • Debit, tap is not accepted
  • Credit Card (Visa or Master Card), tap is not accepted 

NOTE: Personal cheques are not accepted. 

What do I need to bring to my assessment? 
  • A pen or a pencil. 
  • The test fee, if applicable. 
  • A valid form of government issued photo ID to confirm your identity. Acceptable forms of photo ID include the following: 
    • Driver's Licence 
    • Canadian Identity Card 
    • Canadian Citizenship Card 
    • Passport 
    • Permanent Resident Card 
    • Certificate of Indian Status Card 
    • George Brown College Student ID Card 

To learn more, view our General Preparation Checklist

How can I prepare for my assessment? 

You can visit our Preparation and Resources section to see some suggestions of how you can prepare for your assessment. 

How will I get my results? 

Immediately after you complete your assessment, you will meet with an Assessment Advisor, who will go over your results, explain what courses are available to you based on those results and give you a letter indicating which course you are eligible to take.