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We’ve put together a series of frequently asked questions for both current students and professors who have students that require accommodations.

Current Students FAQ

Can my professor book an appointment for my test for me?

No. Students must book their own appointments if they want to write in the Assessment Centre.

How can I write a test after hours when the Assessment Centre is not open?

Please reach out to the Assessment Centre as soon as possible and we will make every attempt to ensure your test can be supervised, even if it is outside of the regular scheduled office hours.  We require 14 days advanced notice, however, please reach out and we will do our best to schedule you in.

I have a week to complete my Brightspace test, do I have to make an appointment if I want to write in the Assessment Centre?

All accommodated testing, including online/Brightspace testing, must be booked with the Assessment Centre (AC) with 7 days' notice.  Please note that the AC staff does not have access to Brightspace settings, therefore, please ensure that your Instructor has considered your accommodated time.

I think I need to add or change a test accommodation on my accommodation plan. Can this be done at the Assessment Centre?

No. Only your Accessibility Consultant can make changes to your plan, based on the documents you have submitted to them. In order to see if an accommodation can be added or modified, you would have to speak with them.

Toronto Metropolitan University Students

Students who are in the ECE program at the Toronto Metropolitan University campus and require testing accommodations will write their tests in the Toronto Metropolitan University test centre.

For more information, please visit Toronto Metropolitan University's test centre website. If you are an ECE student who is taking an elective located at another GBC campus, please book at that campus only for that elective course.

What if I didn’t book my test with 7 days' notice? 

The Assessment Centre requires 7 days' notice for all test bookings. Late booking requests (any request under 7 days) will not be guaranteed. The Assessment Centre will not accept walk-ins (students with no confirmed appointment) on the day of the test.

What if I have a question for my professor while writing in the Assessment Centre?

The Assessment Centre staff will attempt to reach your professor by phone/ email or (when possible) walk you to the classroom to ask the question directly. In cases where it is not possible to contact your professor, you should note your concern on the exam paper and the staff will document the attempt to contact your teacher. The Assessment Centre will only be able to contact your teacher/walk you to class one time per test, so please make sure to look over your whole test before we attempt contact.

What happens if I’m sick and cannot attend the test?

If you cannot attend your test at the Assessment Centre, it is required that you immediately contact your instructor to discuss options. If permission to reschedule is granted, please contact the Assessment Centre to rebook. All rescheduling of tests must be approved by your instructor.

What if I’m late for my test?

The Assessment Centre does not compensate students for time lost due to late arrival. If you arrive more than 30 mins after the arrange start time, you will not be permitted to write in the AC until written permission has been granted by your instructor.

What if I get hungry or need a smoke break?

Students are prohibited from consuming food or drinks (except for a water), during testing at the Assessment Centre. However, you may make arrangements with the AC staff to have a supervised short break to consume a snack outside of the testing room (but still in the centre). Please inform your ALS consultant if you have a documented medical need to have food or drink during your tests. Smoke breaks will not be permitted during testing.

Where do I put my stuff during my test?

Only items needed for the test will be allowed into the test room.  While we do recommend leaving your stuff (including your phone!) in your personal locker if you have one, the Assessment Centre has cubbies (only at St. James and Casa Loma) and lockers for bag and coat storage as well. The lockers require a $1.00 loonie deposit (or for Waterfront Campus students a $0.25 quarter deposit) to lock that you will get back once you finish your test and retrieve your items. Please note that if you are leaving your stuff in our centre, we cannot be responsible for stolen, lost, or misplaced items.

Professors with students who require accommodations FAQ

How does accommodated testing work at the Assessment Centre?

The Assessment Centre provides a test writing service for students who are registered with Accessible Learning Services. Here a few examples of the service we provide:

  • Some students will require a reduced-distraction/test alone environment to write their tests.
  • Some students will require a one-to-one accommodation, such as a “scribe”, to assist in the writing component of a test.
  • Some students will require the use of a word processor and/or the use of spell check, to complete their test answers. Or may need the use of Adaptive Software, such as “Zoomtext”.
Can I send my students to the Assessment Centre (AC) to write a make-up test? Will you administer my tests to non-ALS students?

Only students who are registered with Accessible Learning Services (ALS) are eligible to write tests/exams with the Assessment Centre.

What if I prefer that my student write the test/quiz in class?

If a student has testing accommodations, it is their right to write all their tests/quizzes with the AC if they choose to do so.

Can I book an appointment for my student to write in the AC?

No. Students must book their own appointments if they wish to write in the Centre.

My student showed up to class but I dropped off an exam for them in the AC.

Some students registered with Accessible Learning Services who receive test accommodations choose not to use those accommodations for every (or any!) test. It is the student's choice as to whether they want to write their tests in the Assessment Centre.

How early am I required to submit tests to the AC?

All tests are required to be submitted 48 hours (or sooner!) prior to the scheduled test date. The ‘sooner, the better’ as this provides the AC with enough time to prepare and set up any alternate formatting that may be required.

Do I have to pick up the completed test?

We ask that all completed tests be picked up within 2 business days. If you are unable to pick up your test in person, you may arrange for a GBC colleague (faculty or staff) to pick up on your behalf.

Can a student book at test outside the in-class exam time?

All testing at the Assessment Centre, in most cases, should correspond to in-class start time and test date. In cases where alternate timing is necessary, all changes must be approved by the professor.

My student has requested an earlier start than the class, but I am concerned with test integrity if they finish before the in-class exam begins. What should I do?

Due to Assessment Centre hours or back-to-back classes, it is sometimes necessary for students to begin their tests earlier than the class time to ensure that they receive their full duration. In these cases, it is possible for the Assessment Centre to sequester students until the class begins to write the test. Please indicate to Assessment Centre staff if this is required.

What if my student has a question during the test/exam?

If a student has a question regarding the exam content, an AC staff member will attempt to contact the instructor. If you are available to answer questions during your exam, please include a phone number or email that we would be able to reach you when needed. You are also welcome to come to the Assessment Centre at some point during testing, to address any questions your students may have.

I run a course that has online tests in the Online Testing Lab and my student has indicated that they would like to write in your Centre instead. What do I do?

While the Assessment Centre has access to the passwords for the Online Testing Lab, we are unable to change any of the test conditions that you have set for your online test (Blackboard or otherwise). What we suggest is to make sure that the duration is adjusted according to their accommodation plan for all of your students who receive extra time on tests or exams. View a tutorial on how to adjust time duration on a Blackboard test.

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