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Types Of Testing Offered For Students Registered With Accessible Learning Services

In-person tests:

  • If a student in your class is taking a test/exam, they will have access to the Assessment Centre on campus that corresponds to their program for all test accommodations.
  • Please submit your test/exam to the email that corresponds to the campus the class is taking place.
  • Tests can be dropped off in person at the Assessment Centre Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5 pm.
  • Test can be submitted through the online portal via STU-VIEW account and click the Accessible Learning Services Login link under the Faculty Services tab.

Online virtual tests (Zoom only):

  • If a student in your class requires online testing via ZOOM this is done on a one-to-one basis. This test should be uploaded via Brightspace. Please ensure to remove the lockdown browser and add the required extra time according to students’ accommodations plan.*
  • Please submit any required proctor guidelines to email that corresponds to the campus where the program is taught or through the portal via STU-VIEW.

How to Submit a test

Via Email

Please Note: when submitting your test please include the following in your email:

  1. Is this test in-person or online
  2. Time of test
  3. Your name
  4. Length of test (in-class):
  5. Student name
  6. Name of course
  7. Date of test
  8. Instructions for test (if applicable)

In – Person Drop Off

  • St. James – 2nd Floor, Room 275F, 200 King Street East.
  • Waterfront – th Floor, Room 532 (Access through Library on 6th Floor), 51 Dockside Drive.
  • Casa Loma – Building C, Room C343 (Access through Library), 160 Kendall Avenue.

Some Additional Things to Consider

  • The Assessment Centre will be able to provide accommodation from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.
  •  The Assessment Centre requires that students provide 7 days advance notice for all accommodated test bookings.
  • Professor are required to pick- up or arrange for pick-up of your student’s test/exam from the Assessment Centre once the student is complete

Frequently Asked Questions

As the College moves courses to off-campus and alternate delivery, here are some general accessibility questions and answers to guide faculty practice and reduce barriers for students. Students will continue to have unique needs that require accommodation.

Contact the Accessible Learning Services at if you have any questions.

Do Academic Accommodation Plans still apply at this time?

The College continues to provide accommodation support to students with disabilities. Accommodation plans can be accessed through Stu-View. Students can continue to contact ALS for accommodations.

How do I ensure that my documents are Accessible?

Here are some resources to support accessible course content:

  • Consider the accessibility of documents before posting them to Brightspace
  • Librarians are available to provide remote academic support. Don't hesitate to contact us for teaching and learning research, for finding information in our online collections, and finding accurate information on the web. Find your liaison librarian.
How will accommodated testing work?

Test accommodations for extra time still apply for Brightspace tests. ​

  • Blackboard is an accessible testing platform. It allows faculty to manually enter extra time for students with accommodated time. Faculty please inform students once the time has been adjusted in Blackboard settings. 
What is the most accessible online learning platform?

Brightspace is the accessible platform used by GBC with support in place for both faculty and students. Avoid introducing new communication platforms if at all possible. Use Brightspace to post resources and communicate with students. 

What do I do when captioning is an accommodation and there are videos in the course?

Faculty who require videos to be captioned can contact Anne Villahermosa . There is a cost for this service and each program Chair must provide budget approval for all requests.

How can I best support online student learning?

Provide clear and simple instructions for students. Let students know when you are available for questions or checking in around accommodation needs.

Be flexible and accommodate student needs and requests with the goal of reducing barriers for students (e.g. where students are unwell, students who don’t have consistent internet access).  Allow students to select from multiple options wherever possible.

Do extensions and periodic absences still need to be honoured?

If a student has an extension or periodic absence accommodation, it must still be honoured. Contact the Accessibility Consultant in your area if you have questions or need further guidance.

Are medical notes for missed tests still necessary?

​Be mindful that due to quarantines, self-isolation, and the burden on the medical system, it may not be possible for students to access doctors' notes at this time. Students with extensions and periodic absence accommodations are not required to provide additional documentation for missed tests. Please contact the Accessibility Consultant with any questions.