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We want to acknowledge the history of the Black community while celebrating the resilience and excellence that the community has shown over time. To do this, February marked the beginning of a celebration that centred the conversation on how we foster and promote Black futures while creating community for all. While Black Futures Month is now over, the work we're doing and the content and the resources we created continue to live on.

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A still from the Let's Talk about Race simulation with two characters sitting in front of a George Brown logo.

Experience this new anti-racism simulation that holds up a mirror to the blind spots around our own biases and helps learners reflect on the behaviours that have been so prominent in shaping our societies today. Embodying avatars and interacting with virtual humans, learners get to practice challenging others to reflect on their microaggressions safely and effectively. Click the link below and use the following access code: 693749.

Design student admiring her work.

The Virtual GBC Art Gallery

This digital exhibition honours and celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of self-identifying black students, alumni and affiliates of George Brown College. Through innovation, creativity, storytelling, and music, these artists, creators, storytellers and musicians are participating in this moment to share their brilliance and provide us with a moment to relish the joy that is us.