Anti-Black Racism

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George Brown College stands with, and in support of all Black students and employees.

The college acknowledges the systemic racism Black, Indigenous and other racialized people face. The journey ahead involves listening to hard conversations, reflecting on our own biases and complicity, and creating real change within our community.

George Brown College is enriched by the broad range of identities, experiences and beliefs of our students and employees.

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Anti-Black Racism Microaggressions

Definitions and ways to combat Anti-Black Racism microaggressions

Navigating Difficult Conversations: 8 Essential Tips

Effective communication is key to fostering an inclusive and respectful GBC community. Our latest guide, "8 Tips to Manage Difficult Conversations,” offers practical strategies for addressing sensitive topics with empathy and clarity. Whether you are confronting issues of race, identity, or social justice, these tips will help you engage thoughtfully and constructively. Enhance your toolkit, with the tools to handle challenging dialogues and contribute to a more understanding and equitable environment.

Explore the guide and take a step towards meaningful change.

Black Lives Matter: A Booklist

Books for adults, teens and kids on #BlackLivesMatter and fighting racism, in Canada and beyond.

Anti-Racism and Equity Advisory Committee Framework

This committee aims to develop and implement anti-racist policies, practices and programs in support of an equitable and safe working and learning environment.

Anti-Racism, Equity and Human Rights Services lead in-person training called Challenging Anti-Black Racism: Education and Prevention. This training aims to explore the roots of racism in Canada. It also supports the participant to understand the impact of racism on an individual, institutional and societal level. The training provides resources to increase participants’ knowledge and understanding, as well as tools to challenge racism.

Training can be booked through Anti-Racism, Equity and Human Rights Services at

The Black Student Success Network (BSSN) is a community of black students, faculty and staff dedicated to encouraging the success of black students at George Brown and beyond. BSSN provides a safe space in which to meet, share, socialize and learn from black community members and allies.