Let's Get Started Primer for Anti-Racism

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What is the "Let's Get Started" Primer for Anti-Racism?

The “Let’s Get Started” Primer for Anti-Racism has been developed to support the George Brown College community as we engage in Anti-Racism practice. This primer uses the five steps of the Take 5 for Anti-Racism. We begin with self-reflect, then educate, rethink, identify and engage.

This primer is a tool to support the work you may begin or have been doing in Anti-Racism.

This primer will help provide simple ways in entering anti-racism work. These steps indicated in the primer also aim to foster growth and self-exploration through self-assessments, media, reflections and tools. It is the intention that this primer will build the foundation of anti-racism work and lead to major strides and achievements at the college.

Primer Steps

In this step, you'll complete the Anti-Racism Self-Assessment to jumpstart your learning in anti-racism. Included in this step are opportunities to complete reflections on selected media.

This step is dedicated to helping you develop an understanding of what racism looks like. To do this, we've compiled several films and books for you to review.

The goal of this step is to challenge yourself about the perspectives you have, what narratives you've been exposed to, and what narratives you believe.

This step will help you identify the ways racism can be produced through systems, as well as how racism may impact different racialized groups.

A crucial part of anti-racism is engagement. Three tools have been provided to support your engagement in anti-racism practice.