Employee Resources

How can employees participate in anti-racism efforts at George Brown College?

We know you have experiences and thoughts to share, ideas to contribute and a desire to learn about how we can all take part in anti-racism efforts. Click the tabs below to find out how you can get involved.

How to get involved

The Anti-Racism and Equity Advisory (AREA) Committee provides advice to the Office of Anti-Racism, Equity and Human Rights Services (OAREHRS) on anti-racism practices and processes and cultural diversity throughout the college.

The committee was established in 2020 and includes the involvement of faculty, students, and staff, supported by OAREHRS and with direct reporting to the GBC Board of Governors.

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Reading List Suggestions

Cultivating anti-racism practices and behaviours requires a commitment to learning. The reading list is a resource that faculty, administrators and students can use to find non-fiction books, links and articles to learn more about racism its different types and forms, and how to foster an anti-racist and equitable learning community.

Anti-Racism Dialogues

This is an opportunity for the George Brown College community to get the opportunity to discuss topics on race, racism and anti-racism practice.

Cultivating Anti-Racist Sensitivity & Awareness Collage Activity

This is a two-day group activity that brings visual creativity and deep self-reflection together. Participants reflect on their racial and cultural identity with a view towards creating a personal collage. By way of understanding one’s positionality and identity, participants begin to reflect on how their understanding of self informs their understanding of others.

Note: This activity will be conducted over the course of two days, each day consisting of a single 2 ½ hours session. It is best suited for groups of 5-8 participants. This activity is a team-building activity that focuses on racial identity and culture awareness.

Please contact Nadia Richards for more information.