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Please review the following resources to help you identify the ways racism can be produced through systems, as well as how racism may impact different racialized groups differently:

  • Types & Forms of Racism
  • Examples of racial discrimination fact sheet
  • Racial Equity Tools Glossary
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Types of Racism

Racism is an everyday occurrence that is complex and rooted in a history of colonization of exploitation and othering of racialized peoples.

To address and conquer racist ideologies, behaviours, practices and policies, we must first gain a deeper understanding of what racism is, the different types of racism and how it operates and is maintained and sustained in our society.

Examples of racial discrimination fact sheet

This fact sheet from the Ontario Human Rights Commission helps explain examples of racial discrimination including prejudice and overt bias, stereotyping, racial profiling, and subtle forms of racial discrimination.

Racial Equity Tools Glossary

This extensive glossary helps to "achieve some degree of shared understanding, particularly when using the most common tools."1

1 Racial equity tools

Racial healing, self-care, and restoration tips

40 Self-Care Techniques

Self-care is an important thing that is often overlooked in modern society. Take some time out for yourself and experiment with these 40 techniques that will lead to rejuvenation and restoration.