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Test Fees

  • Admission Assessment Fees

     Subjects Required


    English Only


    Math OR One Science (One Subject Only)


    English and Math or Science


    English, Math and Science






    Placement Assessment Fees

    There are no fees for Placement Assessments.

    General Assessment Fees



    General English Assessment


    General Math Assessment


    Both General English and Math Assessment


    Other Proctoring Fees



    Proctoring services Off-Site for other institutions (per test)


    Proctoring of Apprenticeship Trade Exemption exams (per test)


    Proctoring of Asbestos Abatement Tests (per test)


    Types of payment accepted

    • Cash (exact amount only)
    • Debit
    • Credit Card (Visa or Master Card)
    • Certified cheque or money order (made payable to George Brown College)

    NOTE: Personal cheques are not accepted, and the Assessment Centre does not give change for non-exact cash amounts payed.