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What types of tutoring are offered at the TLC?

At the TLC, we have various tutoring services to suit any kind of learner.


This is a booked 30-60 minute appointment, either in-person at one of our TLC locations, or online through face-to-face video tutoring. You and the tutor work together on whatever skill area you’ve identified. You can book up to 1 hour of tutoring per day and per subject (English, math, accounting or study skills). Group appointments (up to 4 people working on the same skill area) are welcome.

Drop-in Tutoring

Depending on the campus location, the TLC offers drop-in tutoring where one or two tutors are available for a block of time on a day, and students can drop-in and get one or more questions answered or study in the space until they have a question. The difference between one-on-one and drop-in is that you are not guaranteed a certain amount of time with a tutor. It’s on an as-needed basis, and tutors will be going from student to student to ensure that everyone receives support. There is no booking required, and the time a student spends in drop-in does not add to the tutoring limits (see “One-on-One”)

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring works in the same way as one-on-one tutoring, except you’re meeting virtually. All appointments are still booked via our booking program. For more information on online tutoring, please watch these how-to videos. Appointments are 30-60 minutes long and limited to 1-hour per subject (math/English/accounting/study skills) per day. Unfortunately, group appointments cannot be accommodated.