Frequently Asked Questions about the Tutoring and Learning Centre

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together the most common questions we get asked about the Tutoring and Learning Centre (TLC). We've grouped questions by topic below. If you can't find your question below, contact us for more information.

Booking Appointments
  1. How much tutoring time can I have?
    Appointments can be either 30 minutes or an hour. You can book up to 1 hour of online or in person tutoring per day and per subject (English, math, accounting or study skills), to a maximum of 3 hours per week per subject. This 3-hour limit is for bookable one-to-one appointments and does not apply to any group offerings, such as workshops, conversation circles, peer learning groups, etc.
  2. Can I make standing weekly appointments?
    Students can book appointments up to one week in advance. In the interest of fairness and equal access, the TLC does not allow students to make standing weekly appointments.

    If advance booking is required due to accessibility concerns, such as the need to book an ASL interpreter, please contact the Advisor at that centre.
  3. Is the TLC the best place for me if I am a student registered with Accessible Learning Services (ALS)?
    Students registered with ALS may be entitled to one-on-one peer tutoring outside of TLC services. Please speak to your Accessibility Consultant to find out more about additional tutoring services.

    You may also book tutoring appointments with the TLC, but we cannot accommodate requests for additional tutoring time. If you require adaptive software or have any further questions, please contact the TLC Advisor at your campus.
About your Appointment
  1. What happens if I am late or miss my tutoring session?
    You can cancel your appointment online, in person or by phone. We have a 12-hour cancellation policy, which means you must cancel your appointment at least 12 hours before your scheduled time. If you do not cancel your appointment it will be counted as a missed appointment.

    If you have two missed appointments in a semester, your account will be disabled, and you will not be able to book appointments until you come and speak to an Advisor. If your account gets disabled twice in one semester, you will no longer be able to make advanced bookings, which means you will only be able to use the TLC for walk-in appointments.

    If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, we may give your session to another student who is waiting. Thank you for your understanding as we try to provide this service to all students.
  2. What should I bring to my tutoring session?
    We ask students to bring all necessary materials and do not assume that their tutor will be familiar with their assignment or their course. For assignments, this means bringing in your assignment description and assignment rubric, as well as any rough draft or current work on that assignment. Other helpful materials may include textbooks, lecture slides, course notes, previous marked assignments.

    Students looking for study skills appointments related to specific courses should bring in all the content that they would like to discuss and review, as well as any notes and study aids that they have created.
  3. Can TLC Tutors correct my paper or give me answers to my assignments?
    The TLC is not an editing service and TLC tutors do not proofread or edit a student’s work for them. Instead, the tutor will work with the student, helping them develop their own proofreading and editing skills. Our aim is to help students build their skills to complete the work on their own. Correcting assignments and providing answers also violates GBC’s Academic Integrity Policy.
  4. Will my professors know about the work I do with a tutor at the TLC?
    Your professor may refer you to the TLC but the use of our services is confidential. We will not disclose information about your visits and progress to professors, parents or classmates. Should you want proof of tutoring, please let your tutor know and we can send that directly to you.

    If your use of TLC services is part of your program or course requirements, and your attendance earns you bonus marks for an assignment or course, we can share your attendance records with your professor or program.
TLC Services
  1. Do I have to pay to use the TLC?
    No, tutoring at the TLC is provided at no extra cost to all students currently enrolled at George Brown College.
  2. What are group learning services at the TLC and how can I sign up?
    The TLC offers a variety of group learning supports. We have English, study skills and math workshops on a range of specific topics many students find challenging. The topics can include English pronunciation and conversation, study and test-taking strategies, APA citations, editing/proofreading and math course supports, etc.

    While some workshops are drop-in services that don’t require an appointment, other workshops require you to book. You can book workshops through our online booking system. To see a list of our upcoming workshops, go to our workshop calendar.

    If your campus supports certain courses through Peer Learning Groups, there may be additional support available. Check with the TLC at your campus for more information or contact your academic department. Learn more about Group Learning at
  3. How can I become a Peer Tutor?
    Interested in becoming a Peer Tutor? See our Become a Tutor page to check out our hiring requirements and apply online.
  4. Do you offer tutoring in subjects other than math, English, accounting and study skills?
    If your campus supports certain courses through Peer Learning Groups, there may be additional support available. Check with the TLC at your campus for more information or contact your academic department.
  5. What is a study skills appointment and how can it help me?
    Study skills appointments vary at every campus but are for students that would like to work on academic skills such as reading comprehension, note-taking, studying for tests (multiple-choice, memorization of material, application of knowledge questions), and time management.

    Study Skills appointments work best if you have a particular course (or similar courses) in mind. For your appointment, we ask you to bring in your course material, notes and any past work or tests that you have done, so your tutor can look over your work and make suggestions based on your need and learning style.
  6. Can I get tutoring at any campus?
    Yes! Once you are registered, you can make appointments at the TLCs on the three major campuses (St. James, Casa Loma or Waterfront). We also have discipline-specific tutoring at the following campuses: accounting help at 290 Adelaide, English tutoring for ECE students at Ryerson, and drop-in English and math tutoring in the Daniel’s building for students at the School of Design.

    When booking a math or accounting appointment, make sure you read the tutor profiles carefully to choose a tutor that is familiar with what you want to work on. If you are not sure how to choose a math tutor at the TLC at your home campus or another location, contact us and we can assist you.
Online Tutoring
  1. What is an online tutoring session like?
    An online tutoring session will be a lot like a regular tutoring session. You will still be expected to set goals for the session and work with your tutor to achieve them. You will be able to use your camera and microphone to see and chat with your tutor, although there is a chat feature in each platform if you prefer or if you are having trouble hearing. You will also be able to upload your assignment and any files you need during the session.
  2. How do I make an online tutoring appointment?
    Online tutoring appointments are made directly in WCOnline, our online booking system. Sign into your WCOnline account and select the appropriate online schedule. Book an appointment as you would a regular in-person appointment. You are encouraged to attach your essay/written assignment to the appointment when booking.
  3. How to access my online English appointment?
    When it is time for your appointment, log back into WCOnline and click on the “Stay logged in” button. Click on your appointment slot and select “Start or Join Online Consultation” link (in red) from the screen. This will take you into the video/chat screen where you can see your tutor. There will also be a whiteboard that you can use to cut/paste text and work on your assignment with your tutor.
  4. How to access my online math/accounting appointment?
    At your appointment time, click on your appointment and you will find a link under the “What do you want to work on?” section of your booking. This link is added by your tutor about 10 minutes before your appointment and will take you to GoBoard, our online tutoring platform for math/accounting appointments.
  5. What equipment do I need for my online appointment?
    Stable internet connection is very important. For best functionality, use a laptop or desktop computer. Please make sure your camera and microphone are enabled. Supported browsers for online tutoring platforms include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  6. What can I do if I am having trouble accessing my online session?
    If your appointment is after business hours, you can email onlinetutoring@georgebrown