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WAVE Dental Clinic Services

Wave Dental Clinic banner image

Are you looking for affordable dental services? Need some new dentures, a new filling or want to get your teeth examined and cleaned?

Students from our School of Dental Health work with our faculty to provide dental services to the public in our WAVE Dental Clinic. By visiting our clinic you’ll provide a learning opportunity for one of our students and get professional services at the same time!

Students from our Dental Hygiene program, Dental Assisting program, Denturism program, and Restorative Dental Hygiene program work with clients in our newly built WAVE Dental Clinic to provide low-cost dental care. For a full listing of our services and fees, see below or download a copy of our WAVE brochure PDF icon .
You may pre-register with our office by filling out our secure online WAVE Clinics Patient Registration Form.

PLEASE NOTE: Dental services are only available during the school year. Services are suspended during school closures and on statutory holidays.

Dental Hygiene Services

Examination (Non-refundable)

Age Fee
Children 3-13yrs $5.00
Youth 14-17 yrs $10.00
Adults 18+ yrs $20.00

Scaling/Polish/Client Education

Age Fee
Children 3-13yrs $10.00
Youth 14-17 yrs $15.00
Adults 18+ yrs $20.00

Fluoride & Pit and Fissure Sealants

Age Fee
Children 3-13yrs No Charge
Youth 14-17 yrs No Charge
Adults 18+ yrs No Charge


Age Fee
Children 3-13yrs Not Available
Youth 14-17 yrs Not Available
Adults 18+ yrs $200.00

Sports Guard

Age Fee
Children 3-13yrs $40.00
Youth 14-17 yrs $40.00
Adults 18+ yrs $40.00

Denture Services

Examination (Non-refundable)

Age Fee
All Clients $20.00

Complete Against Partial Denture

Units Fee
2 Units (Upper & Lower) $650.00

Complete Dentures

Units Fee
1 Unit $350.00
2 Units (Upper & Lower) $600.00

Transitional Dentures

Units Fee
Complete - 1 Unit $300.00
Complete - 2 Units $485.00
Partial Acrylic 1 or 2 teeth $120.00

Cast Partial Denture

Units Fee
1 Unit $400.00
2 Units (Upper & Lower) $700.00

Relines (per denture)

Units Fee
Complete Denture $90.00
Partial Denture $80.00

Clasp & Teeth Additions (per denture)

Units Fee
Cast Partial Denture $80.00

Repair (per denture)

Units Fee
Complete & Partial Denture $50.00

Restorative Services

Examination (Non-refundable)

Age Fee
All Clients $20.00

Composite Resin Fillings

Units Fee
1 Surface $15.00
2 Surfaces $20.00
3 Surfaces $25.00
4 Surfaces $30.00
5 Surfaces $35.00
Veneers $80.00

Amalgam Fillings

Units Fee
1 Surface $15.00
2 Surfaces $20.00
3 Surfaces $25.00
4 Surfaces $30.00
5 Surfaces $35.00


Units Fee
1 Radiograph $15.00
2 Radiographs $17.00
3 Radiographs $20.00
4 Radiographs $23.00
5 Radiographs $25.00
6 Radiographs $27.00
7 Radiographs $30.00
8 or more $40.00
2 Bitewings $17.00
4 Bitewings $23.00
Panorex $40.00

Other Services

Units Fee
Dental Assisting Clinical Services $20.00

WAVE services:

To book an appointment:  

In Person: Visit WAVE Client Services Reception located on the 3rd floor of the Daphne Cockwell Centre for Health Sciences at the Waterfront Campus.

Phone: 416-415-4547

Email Us

WAVE Client Services Reception is located on the third floor of the campus. From the front entrance, take the stairs or the elevator (past the Welcome & Information Desk) to the third floor and check in for your appointment.


May 16th - June 24th:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays – 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Wednesdays, Thursdays –
8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

June 25th – September 5th
Clinics closed

51 Dockside Drive, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5A 0B6

Parking and TTC directions  

Download our service fees brochure (PDF)