Program Comparison Help

Decision-making made easy! This tool gives you a breakdown of individual programs offered at George Brown College and how they differ from other programs you’re interested in. Use this tool to select up to 10 programs to compare, helping you make the right choice for the career you want.

1. Under Program Comparison, click Add a New Program

2. Search for one of the programs you’re interested in (either alphabetically, by interest or by job)

3. Click on the title of the program in the menu

4. Click Add to Comparison

5. Continue searching for programs using steps 2-4

6. When you’re done, clicking Program Comparison will give you a preview of the programs and the option to delete, add or clear all

7. Open Program Compare for more details and an easy-to-read comparison of the programs you’ve selected


Student Support

Most student services are free and designed to help you manage the academic and lifestyle challenges you may encounter at college.

Whether you’ve been out of school for awhile or coming to George Brown from high school, it’s an adjustment to get used to learning at the college level. We have Academic Support that provides free tutoring services in English and math at the Tutoring and Learning Centre (TLC), and peer tutoring for course specific help. PeerConnect is a free drop-in service unique to George Brown. At the PAL Centre you can discover your learning style, get study tips and attend workshops geared to help you excel in your studies.

Our priority at the college is to make you feel safe and supported so you can focus on your goals. We provide Personal Support to help make your college experience positive. You can receive free and confidential counselling (to help with both academic and non-academic issues), paid childcare services, help finding housing and financial aid among many other services.

Check out the Smart Start Video below. Being together, Learning together and Having fun together is what college is all about.

Now Accepting Applications for Student Residence

Get started. Get involved. Succeed. Student Guide. Click the button above to download and view the interactive PDF version of our Student Guide.

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