Program Comparison Help

Decision-making made easy! This tool gives you a breakdown of individual programs offered at George Brown College and how they differ from other programs you’re interested in. Use this tool to select up to 10 programs to compare, helping you make the right choice for the career you want.

1. Under Program Comparison, click Add a New Program

2. Search for one of the programs you’re interested in (either alphabetically, by interest or by job)

3. Click on the title of the program in the menu

4. Click Add to Comparison

5. Continue searching for programs using steps 2-4

6. When you’re done, clicking Program Comparison will give you a preview of the programs and the option to delete, add or clear all

7. Open Program Compare for more details and an easy-to-read comparison of the programs you’ve selected


Public Safety & Security

Security Emergency Line:
416-415-4000, or "0" from an internal College Cisco phone.

For Non-emergencies please email

Welcome to George Brown College Public Safety and Security. We are here to enhance the quality of campus life by fostering a safe and secure environment for the entire George Brown College community. We will accomplish this through professionalism, mutual respect, and cooperation following college policies and the laws governing the safety and well being of our students, faculty and staff.

On the right side menu you will find links to our website including contact information, our services, safety tips, emergency procedures, news and announcements, and resources such as the Toronto Police website, Toronto Police Bicycle registration, as well as a confidential Tip Sheet.

In case of an emergency, please dial (416) 415-4000 or "0" from a George Brown College internal Cisco phone. If you require further assistance, please search under General Inquiries, where you will find contact information for the administrative and management staff for the Public Safety and Security Division. 

To submit a confidential tip, please access the online confidential tip sheet or email