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Dance Programs

Performing arts students dancing and singing on stage

George Brown College provides the ideal training ground to transform your need to dance into a profession.

Dance training at George Brown prepares you for an exciting career on stage or in front of the camera. Our diploma and certificate programs hone skills and techniques in various styles of dance, including ballet, jazz and hip hop. Real-world experience plays a big role in your training as well, with students performing for the public on professional Toronto stages.

See detailed program descriptions below.

We offer three Dance programs:

  • Dance Performance Preparation: a one-year certificate program that offers broad training to help students determine the best way forward in their dance training.
  • Dance Performance Studies: a two-year diploma program with a focus on ballet, but also includes training in modern and jazz.
  • Commercial Dance Studies: a three-semester certificate program meant to train dancers to work in music videos, tour with bands and singers, work in musical theatre, resort and cruise ship performance and other commercial employment.

“The dance world is changing. It’s much more fluid than it used to be 20, 30 years ago,” said Ballet Jorgen founder Bengt Jörgen. “A lot of our grads get work in the dance community, but we also have a lot of students who work in the commercial field. And, of course, there are some people who work in ballet and in contemporary, modern dance. And we have several students who’ve gone on to work in musical theatre.”

Advantages of dance training at George Brown:

  • Downtown Toronto: Study dance in the heart of Toronto, home to some of the country’s top dance companies. Immerse yourself in the local scene - study, see shows and be inspired!
  • Make industry contacts: Our faculty members have had performance careers or are currently working in the industry. Start career networking in school by making important professional contacts.
  • Small class sizes: There are, on average, about 20 students per class, meaning you don’t have to squeeze into the studio and you’ll receive plenty of guidance from faculty.
  • Perform for the public: You’ll get opportunities to let your skills shine on stage before completing the program. Students perform at professional theatres and some students get the opportunity to tour with Ballet Jörgen Open New Browser Window.

Certification Certification

Diploma Diploma
Degree Degree
Post Graduate Post Graduate
Certificate Certificate

Method Study Method

Full Time Full Time
Apprenticeship Apprenticeship
Co-op Co-op
Distance Distance

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Program Term Certification Study Method
Commercial Dance Program (P106)
Full Time


Commercial Dance (P106) is an intensive three-semester certificate program graduating professional triple-threat dancers ready for a career in commercial dance.

Dance Performance Program (P105)
Full Time


Dance Performance (P105) is a rigorous and high-standard two-year diploma program that prepares ballet and contemporary dancers to launch a performance career in professional dance.

Dance Performance Preparation Program (P101)
Full Time


Dance Performance Preparation (P101) is a one-year certificate program offering high-standard technical and performance training, which will prepare graduates to pursue further dance studies and careers in dance.

Commercial Dance Studies Program (P103)
Full Time


This intensive three-semester Commercial Dance Studies program develops your technical training and professionalism for a career in commercial dance. Using primarily jazz, as well as hip hop, chorus repertoire and ballet, your dance technique is strengthened and polished to a professional level.

Dance Performance Studies Program (P102)
Full Time


This two-year Dance Performance Studies program develops your technical training from fundamental to professional. Using primarily classical ballet, as well as modern and jazz technical training, you learn the technique required for professional dance work.

Dance Performance Preparation Program (P101)
Full Time


Dance Performance Preparation is a one-year foundational program that strengthens and hones your fundamental dance technique. Technical training in classical ballet is supplemented by components of modern and jazz dance to provide you with the knowledge and ability to pursue advanced training in the dance field.