Program Comparison Help

Decision-making made easy! This tool gives you a breakdown of individual programs offered at George Brown College and how they differ from other programs you’re interested in. Use this tool to select up to 10 programs to compare, helping you make the right choice for the career you want.

1. Under Program Comparison, click Add a New Program

2. Search for one of the programs you’re interested in (either alphabetically, by interest or by job)

3. Click on the title of the program in the menu

4. Click Add to Comparison

5. Continue searching for programs using steps 2-4

6. When you’re done, clicking Program Comparison will give you a preview of the programs and the option to delete, add or clear all

7. Open Program Compare for more details and an easy-to-read comparison of the programs you’ve selected


School of Media and Performing Arts

Performing Arts landing page - Theatre and Dance

"All the world's a stage..."

Launching a media, acting or dance career is an exhilarating challenge and George Brown College’s School of Media and Performing Arts provides the ideal environment to take creative risks, hone your skills and start making industry connections.

George Brown’s Media, Theatre Arts and Dance programs offer excellent technical training in the heart of downtown Toronto, home to hundreds of production, theatre, and dance companies

The advantages of media or performing arts training at George Brown:

  • Our graduates work. Our programs produce versatile performers who work in every facet of their industry, including large-scale productions and commercial theatre, alternative and independent projects and in film and television. Many of our graduates also go on to produce their own work.

  • Learning and working alongside industry professionals is a key component to both our Media programs and our Performing Arts programs. Actors, choreographers, dancers, directors, designers and technicians provide training and work with faculty and students to produce professional-level productions for the public.

  • Training in downtown of Toronto means there’s never a lack of inspiration. You can immerse yourself in the city’s incredible arts scene. Even better, you become part of this amazing community while you’re studying at George Brown by working with professionals and performing for the public.

  • Enjoy ample time in the spotlight. In their final year, Theatre Arts students perform their season at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in the historic Distillery District Open New Browser Window. Our Dance program is run in partnership with Ballet Jörgen Open New Browser Window and students perform at professional theatres in Toronto. Some students have the opportunity to tour with Ballet Jorgen. Our Media programs offer a year end showing of work as well as a final viewing of individual and collaborative video projects.