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Student Homestay Services (SHS), George Brown College’s long-time partner in student homestay accommodation, maintains a network of caring families who will help make your transition to living and studying in Canada a friendly and supportive experience. Homestay is a great way to start your time in Canada, particularly if you are new to the city and do not have friends or family in the area. You can stay for an initial 4 or 8 week period while familiarizing yourself with the city and the College as well as searching for a place to live that is convenient for you.

Homestay Application Process

If you require Homestay Accommodation (with optional Airport Pick-up), make sure that your homestay application reaches Student Homestay Services at least three weeks before your arrival date. Apply at Provide your flight details to them by email at after you have submitted your application. A one-time Homestay Placement Fee of $165 is applicable.

Housing and Rental Market

Toronto has a large housing and rental market that offers numerous accommodation options for students. Rent can be costly in a large city like Toronto so, while there are opportunities to be found (especially if you are willing to share a space), it is very important to establish a reasonable budget and give yourself plenty of time to explore your options. More information about housing options can be found at:

Useful Resources

Links to housing sites:

Classified listings in local papers:

Online Classifieds:

Other Options: Posters advertising apartments or suites for rent are often placed in windows of houses or apartment buildings. It is always useful to take a stroll around the neighbourhood(s) you might be interested in living in to look for potential rental opportunities.

These links outline your rights as a tenant and provide a useful ‘Rental Checklist’

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