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Diversity, Equity and Human Rights - Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Services

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Diversity, Equity and Human Rights

Welcome to the Diversity, Equity & Human Rights Services.

What do you think of when you hear the word diversity? Why is diversity so important at George Brown College? How does the diversity at George Brown College prepare you for the workplace?
View our new Diversity Matters @ George Brown College videos featuring George Brown students


We hope you find the information you need on our web site.

The staff of the Diversity, Equity & Human Rights Services at George Brown College encourages all George Brown community members (including Alumni) to visit our offices at Casa Loma and St. James.

We are here to answer questions related to diversity, equity and human rights at the College and to assist you in matters related to ensuring a welcoming and respectful learning and work environment for all George Brown College students and staff.

If you need to meet with staff after office hours, advisors will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your schedule.

Please contact our office to arrange appointments.

Our Team

TTY Number 1-877-515-5559

Office Locations

Casa Loma Office
- 500 MacPherson Avenue, 1st floor, room 102

St. James Office
- 200 King St. E, 1st floor, room 126
- 200 King St. E, Room 423A

Waterfront campus

- 51 Dockside Drive, Room 230


George Brown College has a rich and accomplished history in matters related to diversity, equity and safety. The position of Human Rights Advisor to the President was created in 1991 as a result of work done by the College and the community on the development of the Race and Ethnic Relations Policy. The primary focus of the position is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for students, staff and visitors. In addition, the Advisor is also responsible for matters related to employment equity and information access and privacy issues.

Visit the following pages to learn more about diversity, equity and safety at George Brown College:

Policies and Guidelines

  1. Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment Policy (full text)
  2. Religious Accommodation
    •  Policy PDF icon (* Scroll to page 54 in the PDF)
    •  Forms  
  3. AODA Standards
  4. Captioned Media and E-Text Policy   
  5. George Brown College Policies

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy



  1. AODA Reports (to follow)


  1. CHECKLIST: Planning an Event to Ensure Accessibility  
  2.  Faculty Tools/ Resources for addressing diversity in the classroom
  3. Deaf Space and Event Planning Considerations Open New Browser Window

We welcome your feedback. Please send your comments to with Website feedback in the subject line.
Thank You.


Opens as a PDF - George Brown College Diversity Calendar screen shot

Click on the calendar above.

Diversity Videos

The College Employer Council 2014 Religious Holidays Calendar

In Honour of Black History Month

Historical Profiles Open New Browser Window

Black History Society Open New Browser Window

The Black Canadian Experience in Ontario 1834-1914 Open New Browser Window

Black History Month College Events


Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Services Most Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty and Administrators:
Interested in having a facilitator present an equity workshop in your class or meeting?
Please fill out the Education Request Form word icon and forward it to Dale Hall at  

News & Updates

Diversity, Equity & Human Rights Services call-out for writing
Are you a George Brown College staff/faculty member with a flair for writing?
The Diversity, Equity & Human Rights Services office is creating a zine tentatively titled "The Journey Here," featuring the writing from our George Brown community that explore themes of diversity, human rights, immigration, disability, race, etc.

Journey is defined (Webster’s Dictionary) as:
An act or instance of traveling from one place to another
Something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another
We are looking for writing in any format (ie. poetry, prose, short story, essay, etc) that speaks to YOUR journey here to George Brown College. We know that our college is rich with diverse experiences and stories, and hope you will share your unique journeys with us!
Deadline: November 30, 2014.
Max length: 1000 words.
Email submission to:

Watch for our new Programming Calendar coming out the end of August 2014.  

Whether students or staff, to register for any of our college wide events, please visit the Staff Development website.

Diversity Profile: Monique LeDrew
 Get to know a GBC employee: Monique LeDrew


 What I Love About Being Queer (book cover, small)
What I LOVE about being QUEER book


 ASL Videos (screenshot)
View our ASL Quick Lessons videos