Program Comparison Help

Decision-making made easy! This tool gives you a breakdown of individual programs offered at George Brown College and how they differ from other programs you’re interested in. Use this tool to select up to 10 programs to compare, helping you make the right choice for the career you want.

1. Under Program Comparison, click Add a New Program

2. Search for one of the programs you’re interested in (either alphabetically, by interest or by job)

3. Click on the title of the program in the menu

4. Click Add to Comparison

5. Continue searching for programs using steps 2-4

6. When you’re done, clicking Program Comparison will give you a preview of the programs and the option to delete, add or clear all

7. Open Program Compare for more details and an easy-to-read comparison of the programs you’ve selected


Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology

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NEW 2016 IwB Summer Institute at George Brown College

Male Design student poses in computer lab holding a notebook_ Others students sit working on a computer in the background_

Team up with design thinkers and industry leaders.

Explore innovative tools and strategic methods of the future.

Become empowered to solve complex problems and bring positive change to your organization.

You're a creative person. You want to develop your talent and tap into your imagination so you can make your artistic mark in arts and design. You need a design college that encourages bold thinking and allows your creativity to flourish. Whether your passion is for design, gaming, fashion, jewellery or performing arts, the George Brown College Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology is the place to help you unlock your creative potential.

Education at the Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology takes place in Toronto, the creative capital of Canada, with locations in beautifully designed warehouse conversions, the historic Distillery District and steps from the famous fashion District of Spadina. Here you will gain cutting-edge knowledge and a grounded understanding of the creative world in the field of your choice.

The Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology offers programs in four schools:

School of Design

School of Fashion Studies

School of Media and Performing Arts

School of Computer Technology

At the Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology the city is your classroom. You’ll be surrounded by Canada’s major design and advertising agencies, studios, theatres and specialty stores. Learning at the Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology doesn’t stop when class ends. Through our well-connected professors, you will participate in field trips, attend industry and networking events, performances and exhibitions. Armed with this rich industry exposure, you’ll be prepared to break into the expressive fields of art and design and live your passion.