Fast Facts

George Brown College equips students with the skills, industry experience and credentials to pursue the careers of their choice. Below, you’ll find several examples of how we’re fostering student success. For a detailed list of quick facts about the college, including enrolment, academic offerings and campus locations, download the full PDF by clicking on the Fast Facts front cover to the right.

George Brown College By The Numbers

george brown college by the numbers
Enrolment Student Demographics
  • Full-Time: 28,045
  • Female 58%
  • Part-Time: 3,142
  • Male 42%
  • Continuing Education Registrants: 64,525
Full-Time programs: 149
Continuing Education Certificates/Designations: 224For a more detailed breakdown of student, staff and program data, download the full PDF.

Providing Career Clarity

At George Brown College, we understand that career clarity for students is influenced by many factors throughout their lives. No matter our students' age or stage, we provide concrete information and accessible tools and services for them to confidently choose an area of focus and become highly employable, including the following:

Career Centre Advisors Working collaboratively with employers, students and faculty, the Career Centre uses a career education approach to guide and support students in developing the road map for their career journey. The experienced team works with students to ensure they understand their career options, their strengths, employability skills and effective job search strategies. This is accomplished using a variety of tools including; online resume and interview tools, interest, values and skills assessment tools, program tailored workshops and opportunities for students to connect with employers.

Liaison Officers are often a prospective student's first point of contact with George Brown. Speaking at college fairs, Adult Learning Centres, high schools, community organizations and local recruitment and career events, our experienced liaison officers share tips on choosing a program and career, financing post-secondary education, preparing for college and much more. They also provide campus tours, and work with guidance counsellors to ensure high school students have access to the decision-making resources they need.

Entry Advisors help prospective students identify the program options that best align with their educational background and career goals, in addition to answering questions about educational pathways, academic upgrading and how to get credit for prior learning.

Career Coach is an online tool that provides up-to-date labour market information for the Greater Toronto Area, including salaries, employment growth projections, current job opportunities and related programs offered at George Brown. Career Coach enables users to gain a clear understanding of the job prospects in a given field before they begin their post-secondary experience, so they can choose their path based on real-world intelligence. Learn more at Open New Browser Window.

Evolving Program Options

George Brown launched a number of new programs in 2015 to meet the needs of employers and our students in the following areas:

  • Advanced Wine and Beverage Business Management (Postgraduate) certificate program: This program was developed for Hospitality diploma and degree graduates and industry professionals seeking an advanced level of learning focused on all aspects of the wine, spirit and beer business.
  • Business Administration - Retail advanced diploma program with work experience (B163): Graduates of these three-year programs will develop the skills and knowledge to work in areas of retail such as store design, merchandising initiatives, logistics, inventory, security planning and plan-o-gramming.
  • Business diploma program: Graduates of this program carry out a variety of business functions within local, national and global settings. They will have demonstrated a practical understanding of key principles and practices necessary for success in the field of business.
  • Project Management graduate certificate program: Graduates of this program will be prepared to manage project scope and change, provide innovation and goal setting, project control, project staffing, risk management, utilize project management tools and perform other functions in careers that incorporate project management or in standalone project manager positions.
  • Screenwriting and Narrative Design graduate certificate program: This program educates students on the challenge of writing a well-structured story within both a linear and nonlinear style. The elements of character, dialogue, scene, setting, texture, style and tone are rigorously explored.

New programs starting in 2016:

  • Bachelor of Behaviour Analysis degree: This program combines philosophy, methodology and theory with a strong applied learning component to create a comprehensive understanding of behavioural psychology and more specifically, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).
  • Consulting graduate certificate program: This program prepares students for a career in consulting that could include working for a consulting firm, independently creating their own employment, or securing a business development role within an organization.