WAVE Health Promotion Past Projects

What Happened in Winter 2011:

OneMatch Registration Event


The students in the Health Promotion Hub collaborated with the manager and students from ECE and the OneMatch Stem Cell/Bone Marrow Network through the Canadian Blood Services to implement a registration event in February on both campuses. The goal was to register as manyGeorge Brown Collegestudents into the database in the hopes those individuals will become potential donors and save a life!

NaHSSA Conference

Students organizing the Blood Pressure Clinics attended the annual National Health Sciences Student Association Conference, where they presented their findings and results from the clinics via a poster and PowerPoint presentation.

Prosthetics and Orthotics Grand Rounds Presentation

A team comprised of a nursing student, social service worker and two students from the prosthetics and orthotics program created a presentation on the importance of interprofessional collaboration in the healthcare field and the care of a patient suffering from stroke at Sunnybrook Hospital.

Leave the Pack Behind

LTPB is a campus wide program run by students to support smoking cessation. Using a peer-to-peer approach hired students and staff work together to offer services to students. LTPB is run out of the Health Promotion Hub.

Stress Management Awareness Campaign

The nursing students and dental hygiene students developed a poster campaign and a stress management resource to provide students with exam period stress tips.

Health Promotion Environmental Scan

A hearing instrument specialist student and a health information management student worked together to conduct an e-scan and literature review of post-secondary schools and health promotion best practices and made recommendations for program expansion and changes.


The students at the Health Promotion Hub collaborated on a health promotion newsletter, topics included good oral care, awareness of caffeine and sodium, making healthier choices to save the environment and smoking cessation. Download PDF newsletter here pdf-icon.

Healthy Eating Campaign Cont’d

What Happened in the Winter 2010:

EatSmart! Launch

  • EatSmart! is program run by Toronto Public Health in partnership with educational institutions and workplaces. Through its "Award of Excellence" program, the Eat Smart! School Program offers recognition to secondary and post-secondary Ontario school cafeterias and school food service providers that meet exceptional standards in nutrition, food safety and smoke free dining. In the fall George Brown's cafeterias received this award.
  • Students from the CLCHL launched the EatSmart! Program in the cafeterias at George Brown College. Students participated in interactive games and activities about healthy eating. Prizes including gift certificates to the George Brown Cafeteria and cookbooks were provided to students!

Annex Retirement Residence Project

  • The CLCHL has been very active at the Annex Retirement Community this year. Residents have had the opportunity to participate in a number of activities including: Interactive Games, Memory Games, Computer Workshops, a Healthy Eating Seminar, Gardening Workshops, Crafts and a Health Fair.
  • A seizure safety education seminar was also provided for staff. This seminar focused on seizure management in older persons.

NaHSSA Conference

  • Students from the CLCHL presented at the annual NHSSA conference held in Hamilton, ON on March 13, 2010.
  • One group of students presented on their experience working as an Interprofessional team on a case study on Diabetes care. The second group of students presented on Overcoming Interprofessional Barriers in Interprofessional Education collaboration.
  • Students had the opportunity to network with other health care students and professionals and attend presentations facilitated by other students interested in interprofessional health care.

Healthy U: Heath Bytes Videos

  • Students developed three new short Health Bytes videos.
  • The videos focuses on Oral Health, Smoking Cessation and Hearing Protection.
  • The videos can be viewed here: (coming soon...)

Intercultural Communication Workshop with Food and Nutrition students

  • A workshop with students to introduce them to the importance of understanding communication in a wide array of cultures. The students very much enjoyed the activity that helped them understand what communication means around the world.

Life Skills Workshop for Hearing Instrument Specialist students

  • A Social Service Worker student facilitated a presentation on important life skills to help one lead a healthy life while leading a busy life. The presentation was tailored to meet the previously stated needs of the students from their participation in the Health Risk Assessment tool available at the CLCHL.
  • The presentation was centred around stress and anger management and helping student ease nerves.

Collaborative Research Projects

  • Two U of T medical students collaborated with two nursing students to complete a collaborative research project. The two projects focused on the social determinants of health.
  • The first research project was conducted at the Annex Retirement Residence and looked at barriers to participation in recreation activities and social networks. The second project was a literature review and looked at diabetes education with the West Indies/Caribbean population.

What Happened in the Fall 2009:

CDHA Dental Hygiene Diploma Student prize 2009 in participation with Crest Oral-B awarded to George Brown Student

The CDHA Dental Hygiene Diploma Student prize was awarded to Tracy Law, a 2nd year Dental Hygiene student for contributing to the advancement of the profession. Tracy has participated in a placement at the Community Learning Centre for Healthy Living that focuses on health promotion and interprofessional education (IPE). Tracy has been involved in health promotion initiatives for seniors at the Annex retirement residence as well as students and staff at George Brown. Tracy wrote an essay explaining how health promotion has become her passion and she believes that her chosen profession of dental hygiene lends endless opportunities to enhance the understanding of the importance of oral health.

Annex Retirement Residence Project:

  • A variety of projects were conducted with the residents of Annex and the students at the Hub. The Activation and Gerontology, Denturism and Hearing Instrument Specialist student, conducted a presentation about "Ears and Teeth" to explain about preventing further hearing loss and the importance of dentures and denture maintenance to the student and a Social Service Worker student developed and conducted a series of workshops and activities with the seniors at the Annex. These include a workshop on positive body image, an interactive gardening activity, and a crafting activity.
  • A research project is being conducted in collaboration with a nursing student and a medical student from University of Toronto to discover what prevents residents of the Annex from self-starting activities and what motivates or doesn’t motivate them to participate in recreation at the Annex.

Diabetes Project:

  • We have partnered with the Canadian Diabetes Association to conducted train the trainer sessions and to develop diabetes awareness workshops for the clients of the CLCHL and the ILC.
  • A second research project with a nursing and a medical student will take place with the Rexdale Community Centre Diabetes Education Centre. The students will look at what the barriers to implementing diabetes education are in West Indies/Caribbean population.

EatSmart! Nutrition Presentation:

  • In partnership with Toronto Public Health’s EatSmart! Cafeteria program three students in Nursing, Dental Hygiene and Fitness and Lifestyle are developing a workshop for students on healthy options in the cafeteria, healthy eating on a budget and on the run and how to read nutrition labels. The presentation is slated for January 2010.

Rose Avenue Public School – George Brown Afterschool Program:

  • A four-week health promotion program was planned and implemented by two nursing students and a social service worker student at Rose Avenue Public School’s Afterschool Program. Healthy eating and active living activities were conducted with children from 5 to 11 years old.

Blood Pressure teaching with 1st year Dental Hygienists Students:

  • The program has continued from the previous years (see description above).
  • Two second year Dental Hygiene students created a blood pressure ‘check-list’ resource to help with the teaching.

Do You? Campaign:

  • A campaign was initiated to increase awareness of the CLCHL and the services available. Posters and flyers were made and disseminated aroundGeorge Brown College. The campaign was conducted in September.

Walking Program and Walking Club Launch:

  • In the beginning of October, a launch was held at the St. James campus to promote awareness of the self-led walking club at St. James. The president Anne Sado spoke about the importance of physical activity and cut a shoelace, marking the initiation of the program. A scavenger hunt and stretching exercises were performed. Over 50 people signed up for the event.
  • A week later, the student-led Walking Program was launched at the Casa Loma Campus. Over 30 people signed up.

Healthy U: Health Bytes Newsletter:

  • Led by a dental hygienist student in collaboration with all the students in the CLCHL a newsletter was created to informGeorge Brown Collegeand the community about information regarding health issue. Topics included the difference between H1N1 and the flu, techniques of how to manage stress, stretching exercises and upcoming projects that are being conducted by the CLCHL.

Healthy U: Health Bytes Videos:

  • Students are in the process of creating scripts and content for three videos on health promotion topics such as hearing loss prevention and protection, smoking cessation and good oral hygiene. The videos will be posted on-line.

Personal Health Record:

  • The Personal Health Record (PHR) project is still on-going. This year the resource has been finalized and printed and now is being piloted with the first year HIS students. A Health Information Management student is also pursuing research ethics in the hope to study the resource formally. The PHR is a pocket sized booklet where individuals can keep their personal health information.

Grand Rounds Presentation:

  • Two Prosthetic and Orthotic students have partnered with a Nursing and Social Service Worker student to develop a Grand Rounds presentation on the interprofessional look at caring for a patient with diabetes. The students will explore a case study and discuss how and where their professions and others can collaborate through the continuum of care. The presentation is slated for March 2010.

What Happened in the Winter 2009:

Annex Retirement Residence Project

  • The Health Promotion Hub worked with medical students from the University of Toronto and nursing students from Ryerson University (collaborativeGeorge Brown Collegeprogram) in a research project to analyze how the social determinants of health influence the residents’ quality of life and health outcomes.
  • Two workshops were created for the residents and staff at the Annex Retirement Community. The staff focused presentation was titled "Working with Alzheimer’s Patients" and the resident focused workshop was on Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s).

Health Risk Assessment Launch

  • We are pleased to announce that a new service called the Health Risk Assessment(HRA)is available at the Health Promotion Hub, room B101. A promotional launch was held on February 11th, 2009, we offered FREE demonstrations of the HRA, health seminars,snacks, and giveaways. Over 40 people attended the event.

Health Conference

  • The Health Promotion Hub participated in the annual Health Conference at St. James campus. The theme of the activity was a Heart Health Scavenger Hunt, participants looked for clues to find pieces of health information related to heart health at 4 booths on topics of Nutrition, Physical Activity, Smoking and Healthy Weights.

Healthy Living Presentations

Four presentations were given on two healthy living topics to the students of the "Living the Connections Course". Topics were "Stress Management" and "Nutrition and Physical Activity". Topics were based on the results from the Heath Risk Assessment data.

Intercultural Communication Presentation

  • Student created a presentation for Nutrition students on the importance of intercultural communication, interprofessional education, health promotion and the ins and outs of community health centres.

What Happened in the Fall 2008:

Annex Retirement Residence Project

  • Two workshops were conduced to the seniors at the Annex Retirement Residence that were very well received: "Your Guide to Wellness" & "Laughter is the Best Medicine"

Breast & Testicular Cancer & Sexual Health Awareness

  • Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer in young men aged 15-35 yet most men are completely unaware of it (Canadian Testicular Cancer Society). Breast cancer is the most frequently occurring cancer among Canadian women (Canadian Breast Cancer Society.) For these reasons, the Health Promotion Hub conducted an awareness campaign targeted atGeorge Brown Collegestaff and students. An information booth was displayed and resources were provided on November 18, 2008.

Walking Program and Walking Club Registration and Awareness Events

  • Held in September, the students from the Health Promotion Hub held a Walking Program Registration event at Casa Loma to increase awareness and register participants. Over 25 people registered for the program and many resources and giveaways were handed out. In November, at St. James Campus we held the official launch of the Walking Program and the start of the Walking Club. Anne Sado officially cut the red ribbon and launched the program! Games, giveaways and snacks were provided. Once again, over 30 people signed up to be apart of the club.

Blood Pressure Teaching Clinics with 1st year Dental Hygienists

  • First year Dental Hygiene students can visit the Health Promotion Hub and learn how to take blood pressure from either a 2nd year Dental Hygienist Student or a 3rd year Nursing Student.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Pilot Project

  • Over 30 Hearing Instrumentation Specialist students completed the on-line HRA. Aggregate data provided direction for the development of two specialized health education seminars for the HIS students. The seminars will be conducted by the students of the Health Promotion Hub in the winter semester.

Personal Health Record Project

  • Two students from Health Information Management & Dental Hygiene have conducted a needs assessment with the Dental Hygiene Clinic and Clients of the ILC. They are currently creating a personal health record that can be used by both clients and staff to maintain and keep track of health information.

What Happened in the Winter 2008:

George Brown College 2nd year Dental Hygienist student Diane Ioannou is the recipient of the Johnson & Johnson/Canadian Dental Hygienists Association Community Health Prize. The $3000 prize is awarded in recognition of the commitment to improving oral health through community service. Dianne completed a project in her Community Health Placement in Health Promotion in the Interprofessional Learning Clinic.

Heart Health Campaign

  • An awareness campaign and workshops on heart health were provided to the students, staff and community atGeorge Brown College.

Walking Program Launch

  • The Walking program was officially launched in February, Anne Sado cut the ribbon and a number of health related activities and presentations were provided at St. James Campus.

Health Promotion Road Show

  • An interactive ‘Road Show’ was developed and presented for the ECE children’s daycare at Casa Loma. Short interactive sessions were provided on topics such as dental health, physical activity and nutrition.

Research Projects

  • Two U of T medical students joined the Health Promotion Hub and completed individual research projects on barriers to participation in the Walking Program and success on the Health Fair.

Health Risk Assessment Proposal

  • A proposal was developed and submitted to advocate for a Health Risk Assessment tool available as a service to the ILC clients, staff and students. The proposal was approved!

What Happened in the Fall 2007:

The Fizzle Project

  • The Fizzle Project (demonstrated the health impact of carbonated beverages and the benefits of tap water). Our dental hygiene and nursing student team produced:
    • two you-tube videos, about tap water and sugared beverages
    • an educational program for children
    • a tap-water advocacy campaign within the college,
    • scholarly presentations at the national NaHSSA IPE conference and at the Ryerson University Nursing Research Day conference

To View the videos check out the links below:

George Brown College Walking Program: the Beginning

  • The Walking Program began at St. James campus, was held once a week for students, staff and community members. Information on health topics was provided each week.

Healthy Workshops

  • A variety of workshops were developed for students, staff and clients of the ILC on a health topics.

Website Development

  • The students developed this site to showcase the Health Promotion Hub

Health Promotion Fair

healthyU@georgebrown.ca, a health promotion fair forGeorge Brown Collegestudents, took place at the St. James student lounge on November 7th 2007 and Casa Loma student lounge on the 8th. Representatives from numerousGeorge Brown Collegedepartments shared what they have to offer students. More than 300 students participated over the 2 days!

The event was student-focused and highlighted the many opportunities and services at the college for students to stay healthy. Here are a few examples:

  • Not sure if all that iPod time is affecting your hearing? Free hearing tests are available at the interprofessional learning clinic.
  • Thinking about quitting smoking, or worried that you are addicted to gambling? Contact the counselling department at either campus
  • Feel that demands on your time are affecting your fitness level? Manage the stress and become more physically fit by taking advantage of opportunities available through Athletics, Student Association and Interprofessional Learning Clinic

If you didn't make it to the fair, and would like to learn about the students services that were highlighted, email us at healthyU@georgebrown.ca  

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