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For Students

counselling and Career Coaching

  • Are you feeling stressed out? Too much to do and not enough time to do it in? Having trouble sleeping? Not sure where to turn? counselling and Career coaching offers free confidential counselling where students can discuss personal, academic and career related issues in a supportive environment as well as 1 hour workshops. To book an appointment with a counsellor, visit or phone the counselling office (Casa Loma Room C221 ext. 4585 or St. James Room 582C, ext. 2107), or e-mail us at letstalk@georgebrown.ca. Read more at www.georgebrown.ca/current-students/conselling/. Students are encouraged to book an appointment, but those experiencing crisis will be accommodated as soon as possible.

Accessible Learning Services at GBC

  • Accessible Learning Services and George Brown College are committed to providing equal access to education for students with disabilities. Students with documented disabilities that interfere with their ability to participate fully in and benefit from the College’s educational services and cultural life, may obtain assistance from the Accessible Learning Services in acquiring appropriate and reasonable accommodations. For more information please contact the main office at: 416-415-5000 ext. 2622 or e-mail gbcdisab@georgebrown.ca.

For Staff

Wellness Services

Professional Development

  • Do something for YOU every week-check out the many possibilities for enjoyable and stimulating courses offered through GBC Continuing Education-full time employees are able to access these for only $20 a course (plus materials fees if applicable). Visit coned.georgebrown.ca for more information.

Employee Assistance Program:

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed or the need to check out options for counselling and other services (e.g. resources, wellness tips) remember our Employee Assistance Plan with Warren Shepell: www.warrenshepell.ca

For Students, Staff and the Community


  • Includes services such as teeth examination, dental cleaning and whitening, dentures, sports guards, hearing testing, a fitness assessment and much more! All at reduced cost! Check out the webpage at: www.georgebrown.ca/WAVE/ or phone 416-415-4547.

Athletics, The Fitness Centre, and Gymnasium (GBC)  

Facilities are free to all full-time students, faculty and staff of George Brown College – visit the webpage at: athletics.georgebrown.ca.


External Resources

Heart Health



Dental health

Mental Health



  • Health Canada: www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hl-vs/tobac-tabac/index-eng.php
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation: www.heartandstroke.com
  • Want to feel healthier?
    Stress can be damaging to a person’s health. Being stressed and smoking is a double hit to health. (Stress is also the #1 reason why smokers go back to smoking after trying to quit). QUITRUNCHILL is a FREE! on-line program designed by young adults for young adults – especially young adults who smoke. QUITRUNCHILL offers accurate info about quitting, running, & managing stress. It gives down-to-earth ideas for being healthier. It doesn’t preach, sell anything, or clog up your inbox with junk email. Check out QUITRUNCHILL.org New Browser. If you like what you see, sign up to get 8 weekly updates on the website and 9 motivational emails… completely hassle-free!

Physical Activity

Athletics, The Fitness Centre, and Gymnasium (GBC)

  • Facilities are free to all full-time students, faculty and staff of George Brown College – visit the webpage at: athletics.georgebrown.ca.

Health Canada Website

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  • In Person: Visit WAVE Client Services Reception located on the 3rd floor of the Daphne Cockwell Centre for Health Sciences at the Waterfront Campus.
  • Phone: 416-415-4547
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  • Location:
  • WAVE Client Services Reception is located on the third floor of the campus. From the front entrance, take the stairs or the elevator (past the Welcome & Information Desk) to the third floor and check in for your appointment.


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