Onboarding and Training Details for New Tutors and Peer Leaders

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Tutor Training and Resources

In order to provide George Brown College students with high-quality tutoring services, our tutors complete extensive training.

Here you will see information about some of the training and resources available to TLC tutors. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact  a TLC Advisor at your campus.

Tutor Training

New Tutor Training

The TLC Tutor Training and Development Program has been certified under the International Tutor Training Program (ITTP) through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Our tutors complete training that equips them to work effectively with a variety of learners and meet these learners’ individual academic needs. TLC tutors complete two full days of mandatory tutor training upon hire, followed by additional skill development training each semester. In addition to receiving extensive mentoring and on-the-job coaching and training, tutors also complete numerous online training modules.

Tutor Passports

Passports are designed to help tutors become familiar with TLC resources and policies while developing tutoring skills. Tutors complete one passport per semester.

Passport #1
Passport #2
Passport #3
Passport #4


English Passport 4

Math Passport 4


Articles for Reflection:

*Please be aware that because these articles are provided through the George Brown Library databases, the links may not work from off-campus locations.


New tutors initially tutor as part of a "tutoring team", with the TLC Advisor, Lead Tutor, or a Senior Tutor tutoring as the new tutor observes. Eventually, the new tutor joins in, and when ready, takes over to finish the session independently. New tutors are also encouraged to observe more senior tutors to learn effective tutoring techniques.

Online Training Modules

Completion of accessibility training is required by law and a condition of employment at George Brown College. In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, all employees, volunteers, contractors or others who provide goods, services or facilities on behalf of the college are obligated to complete the following AODA online training modules:

  • Working Together: The Code and the AODA
  • General Accessibility Requirements Module 
  • Accessible Customer Service Standards Module 
  • Accessible Information and Communication Standards Module 

In addition to these 4 modules, you will also need to complete:&

To complete these modules, please follow the steps found here: TLC Online Training Modules

Ongoing Skill Development

Skill Development workshops are full-day training sessions facilitated by TLC Advisors. Skill Development workshops are held every Intersession Week, and TLC Tutors are required to attend if they wish to work in the TLC the following semester.

The topics of the workshops are chosen by TLC Advisors to address common challenges experienced by the tutors throughout the semester. The Skill Development workshops advance tutors’ English, math, and/or accounting content knowledge and develop tutors’ "soft skills" such as research, communication, problem-solving and others. Some examples of topics covered by previous Skill Development workshops are "Tutoring Nursing Math", "Basic Statistics", "The Art of Conversation: Strategies for Tutoring Conversation and Pronunciation", "Punctuation", "Issues with Verbs", "Reading Comprehension for Math/English" etc.

Tutor Reflection Forum

The Tutor Reflection Forum is an opportunity for tutors to complete the reflection portion of their professional development. Please read the Forum Rules and Policies and then access the TLC Forum to submit your reflection.