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Tommy Douglas "Let us raise monuments all over Canada. Monuments in the form of schools and hospitals and libraries. In decent homes for people to live in. In decent roads, in decent conditions. In a Medicare program…In adequate healthcare services for every man, woman and child, irrespective of their income, their age or their physical condition.

These are monuments of which we can be proud. These are monuments that in the days to come our children will see them and they will bless us and thank us for those kinds of monuments."

Tommy C. Douglas

The Tommy Douglas Institute at George Brown College

As the father of universal healthcare in Canada, a political progressive and a life-long champion of social justice for all Canadians, Tommy Douglas serves as both an inspiration and a model of citizenship that is essential to our teaching and learning within the college classroom and to our larger communities beyond the classroom walls. His courage in challenging oppression and standing in solidarity with marginalized peoples and his ability to inscribe politics with hope and humanitarianism, exemplify the best of who we can be as Canadians and as global citizens.

Located within a college system founded on principles of accessible and universal education, the social justice and rights-based mandate of the Community Worker Program means that it is already a site of negotiation among multiple community-based and educational stakeholders.  As a conduit for a diversity of voices seeking catharsis, engagement and dialogue, The Tommy Douglas Institute provides a forum for both structural critiques of these neoliberal times and alternative visions for the future of post-secondary education, communities and the larger society.

As the Institute continues to explore the intersection between post-secondary education, communities and social change, each year it will focus on a particular question or theme related to critical pedagogy and social empowerment.

Where the values represented by Tommy Douglas inform the foundation, practice and enduring spirit of the Community Worker Program at George Brown College, we are proud to present…The Tommy Douglas Institute


The TDI over the years…

  • Rethinking Pedagogy in Changing Times (2013)
    Featuring Henry Giroux (author and cultural critic)
  • Critical Pedagogy and the Citizen-Student: A Just Society is Possible (2014)
    Featuring Judy Rebick (journalist and activist)
  • Education & Activism: Rethink, Resist, Reclaim (2015)
    Featuring Chris Hedges (writer, activist, public intellectual)
  • Canada: A Different Story (2016)
    Featuring George Elliott Clarke (Canada's 7th Parliamentary Poet Laureate)
  • Social Justice = Environmental Justice: Rethink! Reclaim! Respect! (2017)
    Featuring Dr. Vandana Shiva (Environmental justice activist) & Clayton Thomas-Müller (Indigenous rights & environmental justice activist)

  • Community, Education, Change: Indigenous Ways of Knowing – KIHKINOOHAMAAKEWIN (2018)
    Featuring Senator Murray Sinclair (Chief Commissioner, Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada)

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