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Tutor's Responsibilities

  • If you are a TLC Tutor, you will 

    • not do any work for the student (including correcting or proofreading), but will help the student develop the skills to do the work themselves
    • be the student’s learning partner (not the “expert”); you and the student need to work together to help the student achieve his or her goal
    • be courteous and respectful in all interactions with students and staff, and remember that, while you are in the TLC, you are a George Brown College employee, bound by all of the policies and regulations this entails
    • abide by the terms of your TLC Employment Agreement
    • keep your tutoring sessions confidential and not discuss your sessions outside of the TLC
    • be honest about your content knowledge, skills and abilities to help a student
    • be familiar with and use the TLC resources to support students’ academic development