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How to Use the TLC

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Are you new to the TLC?

If you are new to the TLC, visit Getting Started.

How do I book my tutoring session?

Advance Bookings:


The TLCs at George Brown College offer 1 week advance booking at all of our centres. Check below for our easy booking options.


Booking your Appointment:


Please note that all appointments are  done through our EASY online booking system, WCOnline. 


All students must register for a free WCOnline account even if booking in-person or over the phone. Please feel free to contact your specific centre with any questions.

  • Online: To book online, please follow the below instructions:
    • First time user? Read our Instruction Manual and then visit WCOnline to register and book your appointment.
    • Returning user? Visit WCOnline to log in and book your appointment.

  • In person: Please go to any of the TLC locations and a TLC staff member will assist you in booking your appointment.
  • By phone: Call us and make an appointment by speaking to someone directly. No messages please, as appointments need to be confirmed.

For information on the length of tutoring sessions, go to How much time with a TLC Tutor can I get?   


For information on late/missed appointments, go to What happens if I’m late or miss my tutoring session? 


Do I need to make an appointment in advance?

To make sure a math or English tutor will be available, making an appointment is advised. If you don’t have an appointment, you can get help from a tutor provided that one is available. Same-day appointments cannot be guaranteed.


Conversation, offered at TLC-St. James, is on a drop-in basis and does not require an appointment. Please check the Conversation Club schedules.


You do not need to book an appointment if you are coming to use our software.

How much time with a TLC Tutor can I get?

You can choose to book either a 30 minute or 1 hour tutoring session. You can book up to 1 hour of tutoring per subject (English, math or accounting) per day, and to a maximum of 5 hours per week. If there are no students waiting or no other students booked, it is up to the tutor’s discretion whether to extend a session beyond the 1 hour limit.

Please note that this limit applies to ALL locations of the TLC. You cannot book 1 hour of English/math at Casa Loma and then book another English/math appointment at St. James or Waterfront. Please see the question below,"Can I visit multiple campuses to get more tutoring time?" for more information.


What do I need to bring and how can I prepare for my tutoring session?

When booking your appointment, review our Tutor Profiles (available at each TLC or on WCOnline) to find the best match.


When preparing for your appointment,

  • Bring your George Brown College student ID card.

  • Bring your assignment/homework, along with the assignment instructions.

  • Be clear about what you want to work on and understand that achieving your goal may require a few visits.

  • Bring your textbook, class notes and any necessary materials related to the course/assignment/problem for which you want tutoring.

  • Review the feedback you have received from your instructors, or bring in similar previous assignments to review with your tutor.

  • Arrive on time.

Can I use the TLC at any campus?

Yes, you are welcome to go to any of George Brown's three TLCs. You are not required to go to the TLC at the campus where your classes are held. Check out either St. James, Casa Loma, or Waterfront for the schedule and campus most convenient for you. 

What happens if I'm late or miss my tutoring session?
  • If you know you are going to be late or that you cannot come to your appointment, please cancel it at least twelve (12) hours before your appointment, so we can give your appointment to another student.  You can cancel your appointment online or by calling us.  If you do not cancel on time, you appointment will be marked as a missed appointment.  

  • If you are more than ten minutes late for your appointment, the remainder of your session may be given to another student who needs help.

  • If you miss or do not cancel on time two (2) appointments in a semester without notifying the TLC, your online booking account will be disabled until you come in to speak with an Advisor.

    • If your account gets disabled twice in one semester you will no longer be able to make advanced bookings. You would only be able to use the TLC as a walk-in appointment.

    Thank you for your understanding as we work to provide the best service for all students.




    Can I visit multiple campuses to get more tutoring time?

    No. While we welcome students from other campuses, we ask that you respect the one-hour per subject (English, math or accounting) per day limit across campuses, and the maximum limit of 5 hours per week.

    Is the TLC the best place for me if I am a student registered with Accessible Learning Services?

    If you are registered with Accessible Learning Services, you might be entitled to a one-on-one peer tutor who will meet with you outside of the TLC. To find out more, please speak with your Accessibility Consultant.


    You may also work with the TLC Tutors on any of your English or math needs. We cannot, however, accommodate requests for two-hour tutoring sessions, or give tutees time and a half.


    If you require adaptive software or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the TLC Advisor at the Centre.

    What will my tutoring session be like?

    During your session, your tutor will ask you what your goals are for the session. He or she will ask for details about your goals and the work you have done so far. For example, if you need help with a particular assignment, they may ask you to describe the purpose and topic of your assignment and what you have already done. The tutor will then provide feedback on the work you have done so far and help you to meet your goals for the session by using resources, providing examples, giving you practice activities, and breaking solutions down into manageable steps. Tutors may challenge you to think about your work by asking lots of questions, so be prepared to participate!

    Will my professors know about the work I do with a tutor at the TLC?

    Your professor may refer you to the TLC, but your use of TLC services is confidential. We will not disclose information about your progress unless you give us written permission to do so.

    If your use of TLC services is part of your Student Success Passport – where your attendance earns you bonus marks – we will share your attendance records with your professor or program.

    Why can’t TLC Tutors correct my assignments or do part of my homework?

    Correcting your work or doing your work for you - without helping you understand how to correct the errors or complete your work on your own - would not help you build your skills. Correcting your assignments also violates the College’s Academic Dishonesty Policy


    “Plagiarism is defined as … submission of a work as one‘s own when it has been prepared by someone else… contraction for assignments or submission of reports that are not the work of the student, [or] not giving credit for work that was done in collaboration.”


    For more info on plagiarism, go to the Library Avoiding Plagiarism page.

    What do TLC workshops cover and how do I book to attend?

    The TLC offers English and Math Workshops throughout the week on a range of specific topics many students find challenging. The topics include grammar, pronunciation, APA citations, academic study skills, editing and proofreading, math course supports, etc. Please see the Casa Loma, St. James, or Waterfront pages to check the topics and schedules for the workshops at your campus. 

    Workshops are usually one hour long. They are facilitated by a TLC Advisor or senior tutor and are attended by a small group of students. 

    You can sign up for workshops through our online booking system.

    What’s the difference between Peer Tutors and Peer Leaders?

    TLC Tutors work at the TLC and can help with general English, ESL, and math needs. Peer Leaders can help with subjects that are more course and program-specific, for example, AutoCAD for CCET students, anatomy, biology, or chemistry for Pre-Health students, etc.

    How can I become a Peer Tutor?

    See the Tutor's Page tab for details.