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  • The Tutoring and Learning Centre (TLC) is an academic service supporting students in developing core academic skills primarily around English and math skills, but also in courses identified as needing additional academic support. The TLC services are available, at no extra charge, to all George Brown College students.


    The TLC is right for you if:

    • Improving your English or math skills will help you to be more successful in your program at George Brown
    • You want to become more of an independent learner
    • You believe that learning with others fosters your own learning.


    TLC Services Include:

    • one-on-one tutoring sessions with a peer tutor
    • small group appointments (math & conversation only)
    • reading comprehension (including assignment outlines and academic texts)
    • support with all stages of the writing process
    • listening and speaking strategies and practice
    • referencing and citations (APA, MLA, etc.)
    • support in math, statistics, and calculus
    • preparation for tests, exams, and quizzes (not including George Brown College's admission assessment - please visit the Assessment Centre for more information on resources for the admission assessment)
    • drop-in conversation circles (St. James and Casa Loma only) or one-on-one conversation appointments (all campuses)
    • support for overall language development
    • workshops (both in-class and within the TLC. Download our current workshop menu here. Please contact the TLC Advisor at your campus for further information).
    • course specific study sessions (calculus, FASH 1107, nursing math, apparel marketing, merchandising & buying and more. For more information, please visit either St. James, Casa Loma, or Waterfront for schedules specific to the campus)
    • resources for math, writing, grammar, citations, and more (visit TLC Resources)
    • accounting tutoring (290 Adelaide St. East)


     Our services are provided by TLC Advisors, TLC Coordinators, and trained TLC Peer Tutors. For more information on our staff, visit About Us.