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Getting Started

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How do I get started?

Visit or call the TLC at your campus (see also Can I use the TLC at any campus? ).


We’ll tell you about our services, help you to create your account for booking appointments online, and show you how to use the booking system (for more information, please see Book Now).

Do I have to pay to use the TLC?

No, tutoring at the TLC is a free service provided to all students currently enrolled at George Brown College.

What is the Peer Tutoring Orientation?

The Orientation explains your part in the tutoring partnership and what you can do to get the greatest possible benefit from tutoring.


To complete the Orientation, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to Peer Tutor Orientation


  3. View the Orientation. Fill out and print the final form.


  5. Bring them with you to your first tutoring session. This can help your tutor tailor the tutoring session to your learning style.  



What support can I expect from the TLC?

For information about the support we can offer you, go to our Services page.


For information on how to use the TLC, go to How to use the TLC and Student Responsibilities.

Can I use the TLC at any campus?

Yes, you are welcome to go to any of George Brown's three TLCs. You are not required to go to the TLC at the campus where your classes are held. Check out either St. James, Casa Loma, or Waterfront for the schedule and campus most convenient for you.