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APA/MLA Citation

  •   This is a great tutorial from the GBC library to help you determine what is and what isn't plagiarism: GBC Library Citation Tutorial

  • This website is useful if you are unsure how to cite material in APA format: APA Citation Style

  • This website is useful if you need help using MLA citation style: MLA Guidelines

  • You can also consult the George Brown library research guides here: Research Guides

  • Need to write an annotated bibliography, but not sure how? University of Toronto has a great guide.

  • Indiana University Writing Tutorial Service has a series of pamphlets covering everything from writing thesis statements to writing conclusions. There is also information on how to correctly cite and document sources.

  • The American Psychological Association provides a number of tutorials to help you understand their reference style.
  • For a general reference check out this APA web document from Curtin University
  • OWL Purdue is an excellent guide for References and Citations and all your writing needs in general.


English for Hospitality Students
English for Nursing
ESL Student Success

Essay Writing

Grammar Practice


Listening Resources

The TLC has useful listening material for second-language business, hospitality, and nursing students. If you would like to use any of these resources, please speak to the TLC Advisor or Coordinator at your campus.

  • CBC Archives has a wealth of listening material on a variety of topics.

  • Elllo is a fun site offering thousands of short interactive listening activities, games, and quizzes. Many provide video and feature English speakers from all over the world.

  • The National Film Board of Canada has a great website where you can watch films for free. The films are short, have lots of Canadian content, and are often interactive.

  • Watch Historica Minutes, one minute films about Canadian history. You may recognize these as they were popular TV commercials on Canadian networks.

  • Better at English provides podcasts of "real English for real people" about a variety of topics about culture, grammar and vocabulary. Transcripts of podcasts are provided.

  • The British Council's Voices Magazine has podcasts on a variety of topics and provides transcripts as well.

  • The BBC World Service has many different online learning opportunities based on news items from around the world.

  • Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab provides short listening activities with vocabulary quizzes. Language levels vary from easy to difficult.

  • At, students studying in the medical field can practice listening to conversations in a medical setting. Vocabulary support and activities are offered.

  • Many Things is a website dedicated to interesting things for ESL students. Their listening section provides a number of different listening activities, quizzes and stories.

  • BITS offers a number of listening activities from audio-books to pop songs, from beginner to advanced, that can help you improve your learning.

  • ESOL Courses has a number of interactive listening activities on a variety of subjects for many different levels.

  • TED is a world famous website featuring lectures by some of the world's greatest thinkers, teachers, scientists and artist. Some videos provide full transcripts.

  • ESL Conversation has a great Youtube channel which allows you to listen to everyday conversations, while you read the vocabulary

Tips and Strategies for Better Listening

Other Options

  • BBC Learning English has a variety of activities for learners to improve their pronunciation
  • has a page to help you improve pronunciation of the particular sounds in English as well as a number of pronunciation videos
  • English Club has an excellent Phonemic Chart outlining all the sounds in English
  • will read words for you (in a swanky British accent) so you can hear the pronunciation of words you struggle with
  • If you are interested in the difference between British and American English check out this pronunciation site from the University of Washington
  • Learners TV provides countless videos that will help you master the specific sounds, intonation and stress patterns of English
  • is a great place to find additional links to help you with your pronunciation
  • has has lots of activities for pronunciation of vowels, consonants as well as tone and stress.
  • Rachel's English provides lots of free videos to help you pronounce English sounds better and speak more confidently!
Reading Comprehension

Reading Strategies

Video Tutorials

Reading Comprehension Practice

  • Seminole State College has lots of power points on reading skills for ESOL students
  • English for Everyone has a good range of reading comprehension worksheets
  • The University of Victoria English Language Centre provides extra online support for ESL skills including reading
  • Exam English offers practice reading tests for a number of popular language exams
  • English Online has classic English stories written for beginner to advanced ESL readers, with vocabulary: a great place to practice reading.
  • Using provides a number of reading comprehension activities for all levels of ESL
  • For those interested in science, Jefferson Lab has reading exercises on a variety of topics
  • English Learner has reading comprehension exercises for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • Breaking News English provides students with a large database of news stories written for all levels of English language learners.



  • Using English for Academic Purposes is an excellent resources for building your vocabulary
  • is a multiple choice challenge and dictionary
  • has a wide variety of activities covering everything from business language, to slang, idioms, and phrasal verbs
  • lets you practice your vocabulary while contributing to the World Food Program: the more you practice, the more you can contribute!
  • has general vocabulary assistance with quizzes, review, and overall vocabulary builders.
  • provides interactive vocabulary practice to suit any student's needs as well as activities working with common grammar problems


  • Idiom site provides explanations for thousands of idioms in alphabetical order
  • Read Write Think is a student activity site that allows you to practice using idioms
  • includes a number of self-study quizzes for idioms, phrasal verbs and slang
  • Learn English Today provides English idioms and proverbs by category