Do you love social networks? You might be on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but how about socializing in real time? Student clubs are a great way to bring back the face-to-face contact that may be missing from your life.

Join or start a student-run club based on your personal interests, social movements, or your field of study. This is your chance to interact with a wide variety of people, expand your skill set or find a new interest.

All official clubs and associations are supported by the Student Association (SA). They receive benefits such as club funding and free use of Student Association and college spaces for meetings, events and activities.

How to start a club

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Find one (1) common interest or belief that you share with at least ten other students.
  2. Pick up a clubs package at any Student Association office. Be sure to make two (2) copies, one to keep for your records and one to submit.
  3. Submit your completed package to any of the three (3) Student Association offices.

Contact information

Russ Adade, Clubs Coordinator envelope
St. James Campus, 200 King St. E., room 147

Clubs Directory (Fall 2018)

This is the official clubs list recognized by the Student Association and George Brown College. For a detailed summary of clubs please also visit

The list of clubs available for GBC students
Club Name Email Club Description President / Club Supervisor
Aboriginal Women's Collective Our primary focus is to celebrate Indigenous. Women. Culture. Education by bringing relevant programming in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Leslie Van Every
AISEC Elizabeth Ko
American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Club American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Club offers opportunity for individuals to learn American Sign Language. The club also focuses on creating bridges between the hearing and the Deaf culture. Mark Aldrin Encarnacion
Anime Vortex Next Generation The Anime Vortex: Next Generation club is established for the purpose of sharing the common interest of Japanese animation and novels with George Brown College students and faculty. Mehdi Khatau
ASL Club Kirsten Danquah
Baking and Pastry Club To encourage George Brown College Baking and Pastry Management students and George Brown students in all faculties to discuss and experience Toronto bakeries and activities related to baking. Maegan Klingenberg
Bangladeshi Students Association The main purpose of the association shall be to introduce and to promote interest in all aspect of life and culture of Bangladash and to serve he current and prospective students from Bangladesh studying at George Brown College and to meet various needs. Asif Farabi
Black Students Success Network Zhorrah Grant
Board Games and Friends Club The GBC Board Games and Friends club invites you to join us for a weekly dose of fun! We have strategy, concentration, party games and many more. And if you don't know how to play, don't worry. Our Game Master will guide you! Stephanie Sortz
Canadian Nursing Student Association The objects of the CNSA are:
a) to provide a communication link among nursing students across Canada recognizing the specific language needs of our bilingual country.
b) to act as the official voice of nursing students.
c) to provide a medium through which members can express their opinions on nursing issues.
d) to provide a liaison with other organizations concerned with nursing, healthcare, and education.
Saba Rahimi
Chinese Student and Scholarship Association The purpose of the Chinese Student Alliance (CSA) is to guide and help new students to adapt to live in Canada and study in college. The club serves to build a social network in college for general and international students, hold events for students, according to their different programs – create relevant study groups, solve problems and help students to improve their academic performance. CSA also serves to share information about living abroad, such as residence, food, shopping, visa and study permits. The intent is to work closely with George Brown College and the Student Association to promote a more healthy enjoyable study environment. Nie Lei
Communication & Conflict Resolution Club Sherry Lawson
Discover and Experience Offering students the traveling opportunity - a rewarding educational experience. Allowing them to develop a deep connection to people, learn culture of different destinations and participated in a variety of activities. Sherry Ton
Enactus George Brown College Enactus George brown College seeks to help our community to achieve the economic and social success by empowering students with the field education opportunities through partnership and learning innovations. Enactus primarily operates multiple business ventures, either for profit or non-profit. These ventures will be consistent with our mission and directed towards both enactus at George Brown College and the communities in which we live. Millicent Dianne Geonzon
Entreprenergy – The Entrepreneurship Club An extension of GBC’s B416 Entrepreneurship Management Program (Postgraduate), Entreprenergy welcomes all GBC students interested in entrepreneurship and project management. Perks include faculty expertise throughout the planning process; and the opportunity to practice pitching our small business ideas in an Entreprenergy-planned event. Come plan and execute with us! Anissa Lowe
Environmental Justice Collective The EJC@GBC is a group of students who raise awareness about environmental destruction: what is causing it and how it can be stopped. Leslie Van Every
Fashion 4 Fashion The purpose of the Fashion for Fashion club, is for students to take initiative, by hosting various types events for students at George brown collage. Either for school spirt or showcasing student success within fashion. Athea Walsh
Filipino Students Association of GBC Our mission is to reflect George Brown College's culture of promoting workability skills through mentorship and networking opportunities as well as to promote the enrichment of Filipino culture.
We are partnered with universities in Toronto such as the Filipino Canadian Association of Ryerson (FCAR), Filipino Student Association of York (FSAY), and Filipino Student Association of Toronto (FSAT) at UofT.
Together with our partners we can create an amazing centre for Filipinos to socialize, meet new people, network with professionals, and eat yummy food!
Forget Me Knot Forget-Me-Knots provides a safe, inclusive environment for George Brown College students of all genders, ethnicity and those with disabilities recognized by the Disability Centre at George Brown College. Our shared goal is building lifetime bonds and assist everyone in overcoming daily obstacles. Wei Jiet Goh
GBC Games Club The Games Club has access to high-end computers at the SJH building on th 5th floor that allows us to play and participate in games. Jose Rafeal Dimatera
GBC Drawing Club To host life drawing sessions and other similar drawing related events bi-weekly. To encourage students to draw regularly, and decompress. This will help students' strengthen their visual art skills, as well as promote wellbeing and relaxing as drawing can be therapeutic. Our goal is to create a welcoming, none stressful environment where anyone interested can come and participate regardless of skill level and get creative as they draw from a live model. Julie DaCosta
GBC Drone Club Augusto Camilotti
GBC ESL - Toronto Culture Club Toronto Culture Club tries to give the chance of exploring the diverse culture of Toronto city and its vibrant lifestyle to the students. Farid Rasi
GBC ESL Volunteer Club The GBC ESL Volunteer Club offers opportunity for students to volunteer within George Brown College and also with external organizations. The goal is to offer opportunity for students to get involved with the community, practice english, and gain Canadian experience. Steluta Mazilu
GBC HR Society GBC HR Society is a student group that focuses on putting human resources events on for students. We have had such events such as networking events and speed mentoring. If you are looking to connect with like-minded HR students with a focus on building a community of HR students here at George Brown College, come join our club. Aline Barbosa
GBC Renovators Aidan Beattie
GBC Robotics Evgenii Inozemtcev
GBC Skate Club Abe Churko
GBC Squash Society Eden Hughes
GBC Ski and Snowboard Club The purpose of the George Brown College Ski and Snowboard Club is to create a social network for students who love hitting the slopes in the winter season. The club was also created to organize events for GBC students to get out of the city and have the opportunity to go skiing and/or snowboarding. It is hard for some students to find transportation to and from resorts, and it is our mission to help make their winter more enjoyable! The purpose of the GBCSSC is not only to hit the slopes, but to create that atmosphere for students to interact and have fun! Maja Marks
George Brown Dragon Boat Club George Brown Dragon Boat Club was formed in 2013 with the goal of promoting to GBC students in living a healthy and fit lifestyle through the sport of dragon boat.
We are currently accepting new paddlers for the 2017 Dragon Boat Season!
Alexander Vo
George Brown Iranian Students Society To form a community among Iranian students. Section 2: To provide basic information to new Iranian students to make the first days less stressful. Section 3: To organize social and cultural events involving the student members as a whole. Section 4: To introduce Iranian culture to others. Mehrdad Khonsari
George Brown League of Legends George Brown League Of Legends is a club where we gather and play a game on the computer called League Of Legends. Kyle Chan
George Brown Living Water Fellowship Jing Du
George Brown Punjabi Association The George Brown Punjabi Association (GBPA) is created to establish an attainable and peaceful environment for all students at GBC. The purpose of the GBPA is to raise awareness to the Punjabi culture and welcoming international/domestic students that study at George Brown College. Kavneet Samra
George Brown Table Tennis Club The purpose of George Brown Table Tennis Club is to bring the diverse population of George Brown College together in an environment that promotes sociability, mutual respect and friendly competition. This will be done by providing the resources necessary for, not only those that are passionate about the sport but also newcomers looking to learn the game of table tennis. George Brown Table Tennis Club is committed to this purpose and will pursue the means necessary to achieve this goal. Tony Murat
Good Habit Book Club Ines Gomes
Helping Each Other It is a club of students, who try to make new students familiar with George Brown College's services and help them regarding part-time jobs (ON-CAMPUS), full-time jobs, tips for studying, cheap books, iPhone tricks, cool websites for studying, playing games, free food, and much more. Sarvpreet Singh
HIM Students Club Mohammad Aqib Paracha
Inter Tribal student club Leslie Van Every
International Game Developers Association (IGDA GBC) To bring together all students in game development related programs at George Brown College and allow them to learn from and connect with other student developers. In addition, the organization/club will enhance students' experience at the college through various events and meetings. Drake Snider
International Students Career Club INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CAREER CLUB (" The Club") is a student-governed club instituted at George Brown College in Toronto for the purpose of providing career-related peer support and a safe space to international students and to the general student body of George Brown College. Michael Robson
Magic the Gathering GBC The purpose of our club is to meet new people and make friends through the medium of Magic cards. The card game brings us closer through a common interest, and teaching new players renews our enjoyment of the game. The hope is that this will be a healthy outlet for the study related stress and will allow us to better succeed in school. Marc Grant-Vanasse
Mosaic Students Promoting Diversity within George Brown College Dora Tanasoiu
Music, Art, Design Club (MAD) The MUSIC, ART AND DESIGN CLUB is designed with the main purpose of composing, performing and recording songs for the production and manufacturing of an annual music release. Paul Royes, Faculty Advisor
Muslim Student Association - St. James The Muslim Student Association is determined to establish a peaceful and friendly environment among all students of George Brown College. Our aim is to provide services to the students of the Muslim faith in order for them to balance between their educational and religious obligations. Doing so through interactive sessions that engage students to the mercy and peace that Islam teaches and is known for. Saleem Belal
Muslim Students Association- Casa Loma The goal of MSA is to create an encouraging and inclusive environment to the Muslim population at George Brown. Our mission is to serve the needs of these students on and off campus. The Aim and Purpose of MSA is to serve and represent the needs of Muslims on and off campus. This MSA will work towards integrating their values into George Brown's community. Shahaab Khan
New View Collective NewView is a mental wellness support group for students. It is a resource for students who suffer from mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and school stress to come seek support from peers. It is a place to share stories, build connections, listen, share helpful resources, laugh, cry or express any emotions that may come up. It is a place to open up about those areas in our lives that are normally suppressed and difficult to share. Interactions like these build genuine connections and help those who suffer to feel less alienated and isolated. This group will facilitate meetings once a week at the St. James Campus. There will also be an online component in the form of a Facebook page and an Instagram. These online platforms are resources to summarize topics for those who may not be able to attend the meetings. They are also a great social platform to share ideas and to connect all members online. This will allow students who are members of the group to reach out to one another outside of meeting times. Shannon Grant
OLAS Calvin Soto
Out to Dinner Lori Lichtblau
Pixel Labs Victor Skierski
Power To Change Power to Change – Students is a movement dedicated to helping students discover Jesus and change the world. As part of a larger organization called Power to Change, our mission is to help students experience God's love and forgiveness and become world changers as they make faith a lifelong commitment. At GBC we want to kick start the conversation about meaning, significance, and discovering Jesus. Find out what it means to build a relationship with the author of meaning and significance. Anny Meza
Project Management Club Rida Ahmed
GBC Queerradicals The purpose of the group is to provide a safe space and positive environment where LGBTQ students can feel comfortable. This space will create awareness, social space and representation of the LGBTQ student body through discussions/panel discussions, active sport events, educational events, workshops, social outings, meetings and even study space. Said
Socialist Fightback Club at George Brown College The objective of the Socialist Fightback Club will be to give a socialist, and working class perspective and education on current and historical events, domestic and international, to its members and to those who wish to participate. Student-worker solidarity will be promoted throughout discussions and events. The club will also strongly encourage participation in the student movement to fight tuition fee increases with a long term perspective of free and universal education to the population. Kayla Kendall
Social Justice Ambassadors To get involved and work with several different disempowered communities or organizations, through volunteer work, fundraisers, events and workshops. Tiffany Arianne Cayao
Speakers of GBC To share and practice skills in public speaking and interpersonal communication. Raymund Hip Loy Lee
Sustainability Squad The purpose of the Sustainability Squad is to spread awareness and knowledge about thinking, acting and living green at GBC. The Squad will advocate for making a sustainable 0 waste environment at GBC through garbage sampling, recycling education, and waste diversion. Stephanie Foster
The Social Innovation Hub Club We envision a world where social entrepreneurship and innovation contribute to economic and social justice. Our mission is to create a sustainable ecosystem within George Brown College that develops graduates with the skills and confidence to become the next wave of leaders in social entrepreneurship and social innovation. The Hub Club's mandate is to facilitate the students' development of skills, attitudes, competencies, aptitude and confidence to succeed as social entrepreneurs and social innovators. Students will have the opportunity to access the resources and support needed to develop entrepreneurial habits of mind, while gaining the skills, competencies and confidence to develop and pursue their innovative ideas and enterprises related to social justice. Natalie Wood
Students With African Genes SWAG is a non-profit, non-political, cultural, and educational organization designed to foster unity within the African Communities at George Brown College. Everyone is welcome to join! Benjamin Abebe
The Entrepreneurship Club Nicola Andrews
The Salon The Salon is to hold a monthly meeting of intellectual, social and cultural exchange and discourse. A monthly event focused on discussing and sharing ideas, work (past and present), projects, life and being active in the conversation of life as a creative person. The salons would be hosted by a faculty member and supported by the Community Leaders, The intention of the salon is to create space where students can be in a facilitated conversation of life and design with other students outside of the classroom. The outcome would be to support the development of vulnerability and openness in sharing thoughts, stories and ideas amongst the student body creating a real connection between the students. Lei Nie (co-founder) Joseph Mclean (co-founder) Matt Currie (co-founder)
Toronto Culture Club Toronto Culture Club tries to give the chance of exploring the diverse culture of Toronto city and its vibrant lifestyle to the students. Augusto Camilotti
Viet@GBC The Vietnamese Student Organization at George Brown College (Viet@GBC) is dedicated to providing support and services to the student body while encouraging better understanding of Vietnamese culture at George Brown College.
VolumeOne: The Anime Club Volume One is GBC's premiere club for Anime, Manga, Gaming PC/Console, Cosplay, Fanfic and more. Our multimedia rooms provide CrunchyRoll releases as well as a gaming room stocked with XBox & Playstation. Bring your handhelds & smartphones for Pokemon Fun. David So
Women in Business Club The purpose of Women in Business (WIB) is to create a safe space for everyone to discuss their experiences, hardships and successes within a business framework. We aim to support women in attaining the skills they need to effectively position themselves in a competitive workplace via appropriate programming and advocacy. In addition, we will empower students through creating meaningful connections and networks with prominent leaders within the community. Naomi Scuratovski Wernli
Yoga Club GBC The club is for all students interested in learning and practicing Yoga. Yoga encourages overall health and wellness. The benefits of yoga provide both instant gratification and lasting transformation. Yoga can change your physical and mental capacity quickly, while preparing the mind and body for long-term health. Shaneeka James
Zumba/ Salsa GBC ESL Club Help students to de-stress by turning their attention to dance and away from the daily grid. Help students to improve their coordination and concentration. David Echeverria

Please note that this list is always being updated as clubs start at all times during the year. Keep visiting for updates! clubs@sagbc. ca envelope