Ryerson / George Brown Student ID Card Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who needs a Ryerson/George Brown a student Photo-ID at Ryerson?

A: Students in the Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Education Consecutive Degree, and Early Childhood Assistant programs will need a Ryerson University/ George Brown College Photo-ID/One Card that specifically identifies you as a George Brown College student on the campus of Ryerson University. You will need this card to access all Ryerson services, including borrowing from the library and printing in the Academic Resource Centre.

Q: What services can be used with the Ryerson/George Brown Student Photo ID?

A: The card allows you to access two separate Ryerson University and George Brown College service accounts.

Ryerson University: Money can be added to your OneCard through the Ryerson money loaders. You can use the money your OneCard for food services, vending machines, and at the Ryerson Bookstore and Academic stores. Your OneCard will allow you to access the Ryerson Library for borrowing books.

George Brown College: Money can be added to your OneCard to use GBC printers. You can add money through Cash-to-Card stations (cash only) or at the Helpdesk in the Academic Resource Centre. The card allows you to access George Brown College Library Learning Commons at all campuses.

Important: Please be advised that any money added to your Photo ID card is non-refundable.  Funds are not interchangeable between Ryerson University and George Brown College service accounts.

Q: How do I get my Ryerson/George Brown One Card ?

A: George Brown College will be mailing authorization forms to new students when student completed their registration. Students registering late August may pick up their authorization forms from the Early Childhood Education Office on the 5th Floor of the Sally Horsfall-Eaton Centre. Please be sure to bring personal identification.

Q: Can I submit my photo online for Ryerson/George Brown OneCard?

A: No. Online student photo submission is not available for George Brown College Students attending the Centre of Community Services & Early Childhood at the Ryerson Campus.  Photos will be taken on site by the Ryerson OneCard office staff. To find out information about the Ryerson/George Brown OneCard Photo Session, please check When and Where do I get my Photo-ID? below.

Q: When and Where do I get my Ryerson/George Brown One Card?

A: Special Photo ID sessions are scheduled for new semester start up periods. 

Ryerson Startup Period Location and Hours:

Beginning Tuesday January 9, 2018, The Ryerson OneCard office Regular Business Hours are:

Mondays – Thursdays: 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Fridays: 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturdays and Sundays: Closed

Location: One Card Office, Jorgenson Hall, Room JOR-02, 350 Victoria Street

Contact Information:

Centre of Community Services & Early Childhood
The Sally Horsfall-Eaton Centre (Room 597)
99 Gerrard Street East Toronto, ON M5B2L4
Tel: (416)415-5000 ext. 2310/ E-mail: ece@georgebrown.ca
Website: Photo ID FAQs

Q: I am a returning 3rd semester student in Early Childhood Education. Do I need a new Photo-ID card?

A: No, you will continue to use your existing Photo-ID card.

 Q: I lost my Ryerson George Brown One card, What do I do?

A: Report the loss immediately to the Centre of Community Services & Early Childhood office (Room 597) or the Help Desk in the Academic Resource Centre (Room 677), in the Sally Horsfall-Eaton Centre. You must report the lost card to the Ryerson Library immediately as you could be liable for resources that someone else took out on your card.

Q: How long is my Photo-ID valid?

A: Your Ryerson/George Brown Photo-ID card is valid as long as you registered for the ECE program and have an active status. Your card will be invalid upon withdrawal or graduation from your program.

Q: I am a George Brown Continuing Education Student at Sally Horsfall-Eaton Centre. Do I need Ryerson/George Brown One Card?

A: Continuing education students enrolled in George Brown College's Early Childhood Education program in the Sally Horsfall-Eaton Centre at Ryerson University who wish to have borrowing privileges in the Ryerson Library, must first obtain a Ryerson University/George Brown College Photo-ID card that identifies you as a George Brown continuing education student at Ryerson. The cost is $12 for a card that can be used for the duration of the program. [It will, however, have to be validated for each course your take.] Replacement cards cost $35. [Please note that these are standard Ryerson fees.]

To get your GBC/Ryerson Photo-ID card, you should go to the Early Childhood Education Office (Rm 597) of the Sally Horsfall-Eaton Centre, to obtain your 'Ryerson University/George Brown College authorization form' and pay the ID card fee. The ECE office will complete the form with the required George Brown College registration information. The ECE office will have to obtain a Ryerson ID number for you BEFORE they can return the form to you. This process will take approximately one week.

Once you have paid your fee and received your authorization form with both the Ryerson and George Brown ID numbers on it, you should take it to the Ryerson One Card Office, Jorgenson Hall Room JOR-02, 350 Victoria Street. The hours are listed on the form.

Q: Can I obtain both the Ryerson/George Brown OneCard and George Brown Student ID card?

A: It is not necessary to get both cards since your Ryerson One Card as Ryerson/George Brown Card Student OneCard is the Official George Brown Student ID Card and it will provide you to access both Ryerson and George Brown College services.  If you wish to get separate George Brown Student ID Card, it can be purchased with the cost of $12 at any of the main campuses in the Library Learning Commons (Casa Loma, St. James, and Waterfront).