Student Photo ID Card Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I have lost my Student Photo-ID?

A: To avoid unauthorized use and responsibility for misuse, including financial liability, you must report lost or stolen cards, as well as changes of address, to the Photo ID Office in your Library Learning Commons.

A replacement charge of $12 is charged for lost or damaged cards.

The Library Learning Commons (LLC) Help Desk has a file of lost and found cards, so check your campus LLC first before purchasing a replacement card!

Currently the Photo-ID Office can accept cash only.  You may pay the photo ID fee on-line by using Stu-View.  Please print your receipt and bring it to your campus photo ID location with a piece of Government-issued photo identification.

Q: What do I need to show to get my Student Photo Identification Card?

A: Students obtaining their new Student Photo-ID card must present personal photo identification and proof of registration.

Q: I am a student in one of the Early Childhood Education programs offered at Ryerson.  Do I need a Photo ID card?

A: Yes. Special arrangement has been made with Ryerson University for students of George Brown College's Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs offered in the Sally Horsfall-Eaton Centre to have access to Ryerson Library as well as George Brown College’s Library Learning Commons (LLC).

In order to access both Ryerson library and George Brown College LLC, students will need Ryerson/George Brown OneCard Photo ID card that identifies them as a George Brown student at Ryerson.

Please note: Ryerson/ George Brown OneCard Photo ID is only issued at Ryerson One Card Office. Please check Ryerson / George Brown Student ID Card Frequently Asked Questions

Student Photo ID Card:

Staff Photo ID Card: