How to Use Student ID Card and Digital ID

What do I Need to Pick-Up My Student ID Card?

  1. You will need to bring and show one piece of government issued Photo ID.
  2. A digital copy or print out of registration information like your timetable or GBC documentation with your name, student number and program code on it.


Drivers license

Driver's Licence

Photo ID card

Photo ID Card

Permanent Resident Card

Permanent Resident Card

Ontario Health Card

Health Card

Indian Status

Indian Status Card

Where can I use my Student ID Card on Campus?

Using your GBC student card to access facilities and services

Some campus service areas, such as our Athletics Centres and the Library Learning Commons (LLC) utilize the student card so that you can gain access to their services.

The Athletic Centres

The Athletic Centres at St James Campus and Casa Loma Campus require you to tap your valid student card to be granted access to the facility, and to submit your student card to use sports equipment. Remember to pick up your card when you return equipment and ensure the card you’ve received belongs to you.

The Library for Borrowing Items and for Printing & Copying

Your GBC student card function as your borrower card at the Library Learning Commons (LLC) and is used to borrow books, A/V equipment, Laptops and other electronic devices, as well as a print/copy card.

Test and Exams

Your GBC student ID card may be requested to take your tests and or exams.

Access to External Discounts

If you talk transit to get to GBC you can apply for TTC monthly Metropass discount and our Go Transit discount if you travel outside of Toronto to get to George Brown. Please visit the Student Association or the Welcome Desk for more information regarding Transportation discounts. To see more discounts around Toronto, please check out the Canadian Student Discount Guide website.

How to Access my Digital ID?

The digital ID is located on GBC apps. Once you have installed GBC apps on to your cellphone or iPad or Android table. Login to the app and located close to the top of the drop-down menu.

Digital ID on Phone

Student Photo ID Card:

Staff Photo ID Card: