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George Brown College's 25th Annual Labour Fair

Imagine Better!

Monday, March 20 – Friday, March 24, 2017

“THANK YOU for everything you do in putting on the LABOUR FAIR. It is simply fabulous and wonderful opportunity for our students.

We are lucky to have such a unique opportunity for our students to connect to Labour Movement and peoples’ struggles!”

 “Once again, the Labour Fair was super impressive. Congrats and thank you for all of the work that you put into it. It shows!”

 I think this is a fantastic event.  I believe the organization is incredible.  No complaints ever.  I am so grateful for the labour fair and each year the students appreciate it.



The Labour Fair is an annual week-long event that brings 75+ union and activist speakers into GBC classes on issues relevant to the work sectors our students are preparing for. The Labour Fair emphasizes the added rights and benefits that unions bring into the workplace, and that unions help to narrow the gap between rich and poor in our society. This year we celebrate 25 years of the Labour Fair with lots of innovative events -- music, films, displays, theatre-– to highlight workers’ issues and issues of social justice in a creative and imaginative way, and the labour movement’s artistic contributions. Please allow us to arrange a speaker from the union movement for your class(es) during the week of Mon, March 20 - Fri, March 24, 2017. Please fill out the form below, before Monday, January 16, 2017 (or sooner if possible)

For more information contact:
JP Hornick, School of Labour, St. James Campus
Phone 416-415-2000 ext. 3531

Call to Teachers registration is now closed

Besides giving union viewpoints on specific fields of work (apprenticeships, business, child care, community services, fashion, health care, hospitality, technology, theatre, etc), speakers can present on topics as diverse as:

  • Human rights – anti-racism, diversity, equity, ableism
  • Women and unions; LGBT issues; unions and equity issues
  • Organizing a union & collective agreements
  • Anti-bullying/anti-violence legislation (Bill 168)
  • Our duty to accommodate and/or the AODA
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Workers’ rights, Part-time and precarious work
  • Immigrants, non-status & migrant workers
  • Student organizing and the labour movement
  • Unions and green / environmental issues
  • Globalization and trade agreements
  • Tax cuts, Canada’s social safety net, Guaranteed income
  • Indigenous rights/Dismantling colonialism
  • The international labour movement
  • Social activism & community unionism
  • Co-ops, credit unions, collectives, industrial democracy
  • Technological change in the workplace
  • Labour and the arts/ Popular theatre workshop
  • Social movements and the labour movement (e.g., Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, Sex workers’ rights)
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