What to Expect: Spring 2022

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to George Brown campus!

Here are some fast facts about what to expect this spring: 

1. The Future of Work is Hybrid

What does that mean?

At George Brown, we are looking to continue to be a nimble, flexible and adaptive organization and will continue to support and enable high-performing teams. We will do so by encouraging a flexible and mobile workforce and aspire to be 50% remote and 50% on-campus.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will work toward establishing the right balance between working from home and working on campus to support the needs of our students and community. As a guiding principle, George Brown employees may work on campus for 2 or 3 days per week for collaborative work, with the rest of the week allowing for remote work, off-campus, where possible.

Learn more about our approach to hybrid work

2. Vaccination Policy

As of May 1, 2022, visitors coming to the college will no longer be required to demonstrate proof of full vaccination. In addition, we are aligning the rest of our COVID-19 protocols with current public health directives.


3. Safe Workspaces for All

We rely on recommendations and direction from Public Health agencies to determine safety measures that offer the best level of protection for our community. In addition to having a vaccine policy, we will continue many of our other infection prevention and control measures established during the pandemic.

Safety is our top priority and everyone's responsibility. We will continue to require masks on campus in spaces where physical distancing cannot be maintained, including all labs, classrooms, elevators, meeting rooms and offices used by more than one person. 


4. Easy Access to Campus Buildings

All of our campus entrances will be open without in-person screening or verifications.

6. Full Capacity for On-Campus Classes

Most George Brown programs will be delivered in a hybrid model for the Spring 2022 Semester, meaning that certain classes will be delivered in-person, on-campus. Starting in May, on-campus classrooms and academic spaces will run at full capacity with no occupancy restrictions. This includes all learning spaces (classrooms, lecture halls, labs, clinics and shops). 

7. 200 King St. Fire Recovery Continues

Capacity at the 200 King Street building of our St. James Campus remains limited as fire recovery efforts continue. Some learning spaces, like ASL labs, have been relocated to other St James Campus buildings, allowing for George Brown teams to re-orient, re-engage and return.  

8. Return to In-Person Student Placements

Internal student placements and work-integrated learning programs (like the Chefs' House, WAVE Clinic, etc.) have returned to in-person while adhering to local health regulations. External placements (with employers) will follow the employers' health and safety regulations.

9. Hybrid Student Services

All Student Support Services will have an in-person presence, complemented with enhanced online and virtual services to reach a broader and more diverse audience.