Student Residence – Community Building

Residence community building

Your residence experience begins the day you receive your email acceptance. We will provide lots of information along the way before you arrive at your new home. Once you step foot into residence, our focus is to help you feel at home by building a strong community network. The Resident Advisors (RAs) promote a social and supportive community, with a strong emphasis on self-growth and development. The RAs implement events and programs that reflect our diverse community of students. Your RA is here to help you transition into your new home away from home. They will plan and implement educational and social programming, be available to advise students on academic or personal concerns, while promoting a sense of community and security.

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  • At this time we currently have a fully accepted building of students for the 2017/2018 term and would recommend looking for alternative housing here: We will open our Winter 2018 applications in October for students who are interested in staying with us in January 2018 – April 2018.